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-You’ll have a hard time believing what some riders carry with them on a ride.
-Drop bars have at least three advantages over flat bars.
-You should put new tape on you handlebars, but don’t wrap in the wrong direction.
-What’s so great about Continental’s Black Chili Compound (besides the name)?

Three Things To Know

About Black Chili Compound

black chili compound
Continental’s proprietary blend of rubbers grabbed the cycling world’s attention a couple of years ago, if for no other reason than the marketing genius of its name.
Black Chili Compound?
Great stuff!
Excellent technology!
Hey, wait… Read more…

3 Reasons For Drop Bars

drop bars Check out this review if for no better reason than seeing the video of an overconfident racer crash and burn when he celebrates prematurely while performing the victory salute (hands off of drop bars)… Read more…

Don’t Wrap Bike Handlebar

Tape In The Wrong


handlebar tape

This article’s followed by an excellent video of great bar-wrapping technique!


Cycling Tools And

‘What If’s’ To Carry On A


cycling toolsCyclists carry just about everything.  From binoculars to typewriters?  ‘Boy Scout’ even carries a tampon.  Huh? […]
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