Look KeO Carbon Road Bike Pedals – Can You Name The Six Models?

In the chronology of clipless pedals, Look pedals are pioneers.

In 1984, Look (who was a major player in the ski binding’s arena), applied the concept of clip-in…twist-out to cycling pedals. Let’s look at the extensive Look KeO road pedal line-up.

There are currently six models within the Look pedals KeO line. Top to bottom, they are the

1. KeO HM Ti
4. KeO Sprint
5. KeO Classic

Look KeO HM Ti Pedals Lead The Way

The KeO HM Ti is the Look pedals flagship, if you can call only 95 grams (3.35 ounces) a ship. Based on weight it’s more of a kayak. Look’s claim to fame is that this is the first pedal on the market with a compressed carbon body.

The HM stands for ‘high modulus’. Modulus is a measure of a material’s ability to deform under load. The higher the modulus, the less inclined it is to deform, resulting in being harder as well as being more brittle. ‘High modulus’, as it relates to carbon materials, is a mixture of predominantly standard modulus fibers and high modulus fibers.

The next aspect of carbon fiber technology that’s been applied to the KeO HM Ti Look pedal is VHPC (Very High Pressure Compression). While ‘high modulus’ is terminology common to materials in general, VHPC is a proprietary technique claimed by Look in their carbon manufacturing process.

And then there is the orientation of the carbon fibers themselves within the Look KeO HM Ti pedal body. They are ‘long oriented’ in order to produce 50% extra body stiffness.

Now…it’s time to come up for air here. Those last three paragraphs describe an outrageous amount of technology applied to a very small part of the bike.

Here are some features of the KeO HM Ti

* Of course there is the very high tech High Modulus carbon body compressed with Very High Pressure.

* Titanium spindle

* 2 ball bearings and 1 needle bearing between the body and the spindle

* The stack height (distance between the spindle and the shoe sole) is 15.2 mm

* ‘Twist out’ tension adjusts from 10 to 18 Nm (a measure of torque force, like on a torque wrench)

* Float options from O degrees to 9 degrees

* 95 grams (258grams for two pedals with cleats and screws)

* Price tag- $550.00

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Look KeO CARBON Ti Pedals

lookcarbontiInterestingly, this pedal only weighs 95 grams as well. This one has a ‘carbon injected’ body sans the high technology of the HM Ti pedal. It does have the titanium spindle and all the same specs as its more expensive brother except the body composition and the price tag.

Same features as the KeO HM Ti except

* Injected carbon body

* Stack height of 15.7 mm

* Price tag- $300

Look KeO CARBON Pedals

lookcarbonIn our descent from the heavens of Look Pedals to the earthly models, we arrive at the Look KeO CARBON model. This one has all the attributes of the KeO CARBON Ti except for the Ti spindle.

This model has a chromoly spindle. A little trivia- chromoly is a steel alloy which includes the elements chromium and molybdenum. Chromoly is noted for it’s excellent strength to weight ratio. But for goodness sakes, it’s only steel. What high-tech seeking cyclist would stoop to such a low? I guess I would.

The weight has increased from 95 grams (258 grams for the pair and the hardware) to 115 grams (298 grams for the pair and the hardware). That’s an increase of 1.4 ounces for the whole shebang. There is an important decrease, however- while they are listed for around $250.00, these Look pedals can be found in the $170.00 range.

Same features as the KeO CARBON Ti except

* Chromoly steel spindle

* Weight 115 grams per pedal

* Price tag- $170.00

Look KeO Sprint Pedals

keosprintThe body of the KeO sprint is stated to be ‘glass fiber charged polyamide’. I was scratching my head on this one. I did a little ‘looking around’ and found that the essence of the description is the polyamide resin. I’m not so sure this is unique or superior to other carbon products, but it has a brilliant sound to it, eh?

Same features as the KeO CARBON except

* Injected glass fiber polyamide body

* Only one ball bearing (instead of two on each of the more expensive models) and one needle bearing.

* Stack height of 17.5 mm

* Twist out tension from 9-15 Nm

* Weight 130 grams (328 for everything)

* Price tag- plus or minus $100.00 at a lot of sources

Look KeO Classic Pedals

lookclassicAdd 10 grams per pedal to the KeO Sprint and you’ve got the KeO Classic. I’ve scoured the information world and can’t see a difference between the Classic and the Sprint except for the extra 10 grams (extra 20 grams for the entire pedal, cleat, screws package) and the lower price.

Same features as the KeO Sprint except

* Weight 140 grams (348 total)

* Price tag- a lot of sources for $75.00

Look KeO Elle Pedals

lookelleThis one’s easy to write about. These Look pedals are the KeO Sprint on estrogen. Oh, hold the phone! This one has a twist out range of 8 to 12 Nm. So it’s off to the races with feminine colors and less twist out.

Same features as the KeO Sprint except

* ‘Happier’ colors

* Lighter twist-out of 8 to 12 Nm.

* Price tag- about the same price as the Sprint except there are quite a few sources offering them for under $70.00. This may be because they are a ‘specialty’ item and if they haven’t moved off the rack for a while, the shop is eager to send them down the road.

That’s All, Folks!

Well, that’s just about it on the KeO series. What I’ve tried to do is get all of the Look KeO pedal information onto one page. If you’ve gotten this far down the page you can see that this was arranged from most expensive to least expensive.

If you didn’t get this far down the Look pedals page, you probably have a very short attention span and I don’t want an idiot like you reading my pages after all.

For the rest of the geniuses who made it this far, thanks for reading.

And for those of you who just can’t get enough…Road Bike Pedals!

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