Cycling Coaching Is The Best Investment You Can Make!

When I started this site a few years ago I was just dabbling in cycling. Boy, how things have changed since then!

And I mean they’ve changed for the better. Once my kids left for college, bike racing became my focus and I approached it with the same intensity I’d applied to my running career.

Searching through the many cycling coaches became one of my first tasks, but I was unsure where to start. I started by contacting my old running friend, Mike Engleman, who’d left running to become one of the nation’s premier bike racers in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

His unreserved recommendation was for me to get in touch with Bruce Hendler from Athleticamps. Bruce has exceeded my expectations as a coach and has become a good friend as well. That’s his style.

So why has my cycling training gone so well with Bruce?

Where Should I Start?

hendlerFirst off, Bruce was a high level racer himself for 20 years. On top of that, Bruce has an analytical mind that he continually feeds with the latest proven cycling research in the areas of physiology and training. Then you should consider the fact that Bruce has worked with hundreds of athletes, including national champions.

Oh, and did I mention that Bruce coached side by side with Max Testa for 5 years? You know, the Max Testa who’s coached Levi Leipheimer for so long.

This article is starting to sound like a hug fest, but what am I supposed to do? I think I’ll continue on with a few more observations…

Although Bruce and I live hundreds of miles from each other, we haven’t had a problem with the distance. After all, this is the information age. Getting in touch is just a phone call or e-mail away.

Whether it’s knowing when to hold a rider back from self destruction, or having the expertise to craft his cycling training programs to maximize a master’s rider’s limited time, Bruce has an understanding of what it takes to make an athlete successful.

I’ve ridden many rides with Bruce as he’s kept his love for the sport alive by continuing to ride and train himself. To me that’s important. I want a coach who’s current in the sport and isn’t so burnt out that he no longer rides very much.

And that brings us full circle…Bruce has become my good friend because my access to him has been unlimited, both on the phone and through the internet. Because he cares about his athletes outside of the sport, our friendship is genuine.

But this isn’t just a warm, fuzzy endorsement.

Don’t forget…Bruce knows what it takes to coach all the way up to the national champion level!

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