A Chamois Cream Called ‘Betwixt’

‘Betwixt’ isn’t the most common of words, so it got some attention from the folks at PersonalBest Products (yes, PersonalBest is one word) when I used the word in one of my reviews. I said something like ‘betwixt the chamois and the nether regions’ in an article about bib shorts.

My mention of the seldom used term prompted a friendly email from the folks in Berkeley, offering to send a few samples of their all natural, organic athletic skin lubricant and chamois cream.

‘Well, send away!’, I responded.

Betwixt Chamois Cream Works Wonderfully

Before I digress, let me say that Betwixt chamois cream works wonderfully.

It’s hard to be a connoisseur of chamois creams. There’s no cork to sniff, no clarity to appreciate, no aftertaste to marvel at. We’ll leave that up to the wine snobs.

So, I’d be hard pressed to appreciate a definitive difference in the lubricating abilities between the Assos, Chamois Butter, and the new Betwixt product.

Being a relative barbarian on the bike, the subtleties often escape me.

But some things don’t!

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I Didn’t Realize What I Was ‘Rubbing On’ Down There!

After reading about the groin-friendly ingredients in Betwixt, I pulled out my jar of Chamois Butter to see what I had been slathering on previously.

And I started to appreciate the extra effort put into Betwixt.

Chamois Butter Ingredients
Water- so far, so good
Mineral Oil- hey, I don’t know about that???…This is a by-product in the distillation of petroleum.
Glyceryl Stearate- I’m not liking these hard-to-spell chemicals
Cetearyl Alcohol- The train’s starting to come off the tracks…
Stearic Acid- The research department at Cycling-review tells me this is a saturated fatty acid
And the long list goes on and on…

But I go back to the first ingredient…Mineral Oil. I’m not jazzed about introducing my groin to Texaco.

Shazam..Chamois Cream Marketing Wizardry

Both Assos Chamois Cream and Chamois Butter have Witch Hazel in them. Witch Hazel is an astringent. It helps to shrink blood vessals, making it an active ingredient in a few hemorrhoidal medications. I guess it could be argued that limiting the dilation of the blood vessels in an area prone to friction is a good idea.

But here’s an easier idea to sell…

Witch Hazel causes a tingling sensation on the skin.

Which takes me back a few years. The guys at the local bike store suggested that I’d really benefit from using a chamois cream. No, there hadn’t been any close inspection or anything like that. I believe they were merely making the suggestion existentially. I bought the stuff, mostly in an effort to divert their attention to someone else’s groin.

I didn’t think the stuff would work. But low and behold, when I got home and put in on…

It tingled! And I knew right then and there that it must work.

Of course I was a less-cynical consumer in those days.

Now I think that Witch Hazel’s main task is to assure the cyclist that they’ve applied the chamois cream in the right place.

And Another Thing…

Now, long time users of Assos Cream are griping that the new formula is ‘lighter’. And they don’t mean that the color has faded.

There’s more air whipped into it, which means less product for the money.

And since the money for Assos is substantial…‘This just ain’t right!’

But Back To Betwixt

At the risk of plagiarism, let me report right from the whereitcounts.com website.

Product Highlights

-All natural with organic ingredients
-Anti-chafing protection for all sports
-Respects your body & the environment
-Vegan (no animal by-products or testing)
-No petroleum or petroleum derivatives

Ingredient Highlights

-Green Tea extract
-Chamomile extract
-Certified Organic Aloe Vera gel
-Vitamins E & B-5
-Sweet Almond Oil
-White Oak Bark extract

Performance Highlights

-Thick, creamy & long-lasting
-Improves comfort
-PH-neutral, hypo-allergenic, noncomedogenic
-Non-greasy & non-staining
-Dissolves in the wash
-Suitable for use with sportswear & wetsuits

…And so I can recommend Betwixt chamois cream as an excellent environment-friendly, animal-friendly, groin-friendly product. You can order it from the whereitcounts.com website.

If you’re not too particular about which chamois cream you’re using, you can see just about all types on Amazon.

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