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Where are the cycling apparel reviews that consider various materials and designs? You look up ‘bike shorts‘ and all you find is a sales listing. What you really want to know is the difference between six panel and eight panel shorts…

I was having the same problem when I was new to cycling. So I decided to publish what I was finding out on this site, Cycling-Review.com. As a new cyclists, I found a lot of cycling apparel to be pretty comical. I’ve been careful to document some of the important clothing characteristics that keep us ostracized from mainstream society.

This isn’t a site that recommends particular brands or models. Instead it is a place to learn what attributes you should be looking for in the products. Features like types and qualities of materials, ‘cuts’ of cycling jerseys, and even the history of some of our more space-age equipment.

I’ve had conversations with fellow riders which had me questioning conventional wisdom versus new innovation.

Conversations like this– We’d just finished an hour and a half of pedaling up the side of Mt Shasta. The guy I was riding with informed me that he hadn’t washed his retro wool cycling jersey for over ten rides and it still didn’t stink. I performed no personal armpit sniffiing to confirm his claim, but it seemed he was right. He wasn’t stinking up the mountain side. So I wondered, is it true that wool doesn’t stink as much as the modern materials?

That’s the kind of information I wanted to see.

What about cycling gloves? Do they use Sorbothane in the palm padding? During my days as a runner, Sorbothane was touted to be the material that most closely duplicates the padding on the bottom of the feet. If that’s true it seems it would be very effective as padding in cycling gloves.

Is it true that fluid bike trainers are prone to leaking?

And the same types of questions pertain to so many of our cycling accessories, apparel, and other equipment.

How about you? Are you finding the cycling info you’ve been looking for?

I think you’ll find these cycling reviews to be interesting. They may even serve to make your riding more comfortable…and safer as well.

So spend some time looking over the various categories in the top navigation bar above (there are about 100 articles) to see what’s the latest in bicycle clothing, cycling shoes, bike shorts and other bicycle accessories (like bike trainers and bike trailers).

But here’s some good news! While most of us agree that most cycling apparel lacks for universal appeal, there is an accessory that’s cool in any setting…namely cycling sunglasses.

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