Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Jacket Review – Triumph Over Nasty Conditions

Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Barrier WXB Cycling JacketI couldn’t have picked more of a challenge for my new Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Barrier WxB jacket.

I’d been sulking around the house with a head cold all week-end, and although the temptation was there to not ride in 38 degree conditions (with a light drizzle), my new Pearl Izumi P.R.O. jacket called out.

I distinctly heard it say, ‘Man up, Mr. Weaksauce cyclist!’

Clad in the black Pearl Izumi WxB Jacket (much like a fierce Ninja warrior) I spent one and a half hours in the near freezing rain. I had on only an underarmour t-shirt, a long sleeve jersey and the jacket.

Of course, I’m speaking ‘waist up’.

I didn’t even feel cold at the start of the ride before my enormous internal engine heated up.

I had on the detachable hood over my helmet, and later toward the end of the ride, I realized that my head would have been pretty cold and wet without it.

I was very happy with how the rain was beading up on the outside of the jacket, and I didn’t get that clammy feeling on my arms that I get with non-breathable fabrics. The sealed seams are very well done, as is the zipper.

The whole jacket is quite light. In fact I suspect that the description of the fabric-
‘P.R.O. Barrier WxB 3-Layer Titanium thermo-regulating laminate fabric with stretch knit face and nylon tricot laminated inside’ may weigh more than the jacket.

I am but a simple man (though my story’s seldom told), and that description is baffling, so I’ll just say this- that fabric really works!

And much like myself, the jacket is really, really ridiculously good looking.

See The Jacket From All Sides On This Short (11 seconds) Video


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Is The Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Jacket Too Complicated For A Mere Chiropractor?

I knew it would happen. One (at least) of the features baffled me until after the maiden voyage. When I took the time to read the instructions, I learned that the ‘tail’ that I’d snapped up inside the back of the jacket was the stowable drop tail. Just unsnap the rascal and you’ve got more coverage over your tailbone/glut area. Brilliant!

Even the Pearl Izumi jacket cuffs are engineered. They’re longer on the back of your hand so that they can ‘interface’ with your gloves. Now, that’s a good idea too! I’d say, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ but the answer would be too self incriminating.

Every all weather jacket needs a shock cord around the waist, and the Pearl Izumi jacket even has additional loops to secure the part of the cord that isn’t being used after cinching up the waist around the well-conditioned core of our riding hero (you).

The rear pocket is closed with a waterproof zipper as is the Napoleon pocket in the front. If I was the kind of guy who ever received a phone call, I’d put my cell phone in the Napoleon pocket.

Regarding Napoleon- thank the good lord that Napoleon perfected his famous pose or we’d be forever referring to these as ‘left boob’ pockets.

A Report From The Cycling-Review Laboratory

When I first saw the Pearl Izumi jackets a while back I wondered about the black color during low light conditions. What would become of the jacket (and it’s wearer) at dusk? Now that I have one in hand, I see that the reflective tape and piping really light up.

I’m now back at the keyboard after conducting a scientific experiment.

I placed the jacket in our bedroom without the lights on. After carefully backing out of the room, I cracked the door and peered back in.

What I saw is a dimly lit room (just as a point of clarification; this experiment was conducted during the day) containing a cycling jacket with piping glowing very brightly back at me. The light it was reflecting was from the lightbulbs here in the next room Cycling-Review World Headquarters laboratory.

I figure that if the piping glows brightly off a light bulb in the daytime, it’s killer at night. Heaven help the blinded driver who shines his headlights on me when I’m wearing it at dusk.

So What’s The Bottom Line?

I can say without hesitation that my new Pearl Izumi jacket has more technology built into it than does any other garment in my closet here at Cycling-Review World Headquarters.

I really like it!


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