Discount Cycling Socks – What’s The Proper Length…Or Height?

Discount cycling socks are a strange school of fish. They aren’t really short like a runner’s socks. They aren’t mid-calf like the black socks Uncle Reuben wears with his loafers at the beach. However…a recent viewing of the Tour de France does reveal a lot of white mid-calf sockism. So what are we to think?

I felt a bit hard pressed to come up with much to write about regarding discount cycling socks. But… after doing some research I see that a sock isn’t a sock, isn’t a sock.

Discount Cycling Socks Length Isn’t In Our Constitution

The reason I didn’t know what to think about sock length is because neither our Constitution., nor any of the Amendments, fail to address proper cycling sock height. Thus, proper cycling sock height is a hotly debated topic, much like the legalization of marijuana, and illegal immigration.

Neither Is Cycling Sock Height

The sock height that comes to just above the ankle seems to be most common. These are the ones our cycling team has chosen to emblazon with our sponsor’s logo. Come to think of it, how could we get a logo on socks that only peek above the shoe by a mere half inch? Now I’m beginning to understand cycling’s disdain for the ‘shorty’ sock favored by runners. It’s all about corporate domination!

Here’s Where To Look For Discount Cycling Socks

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Like my hippy patients enjoy pointing out- it’s all about corporate greed! Those logos are what are driving the above ankle craze! Of course these same hippys pontificate with a stomach full of government-supplied, foodstamp-purchased breakfast cereals. But, I seem to have strayed from my cycling sock discussion…

The bicycling socks I’m seeing in the Tour are 5.5″ tall. They’re white colored and they’re worn with white shoes. I’d like to see some ‘bad boy’ 5.5″ blacks with black Sidi shoes. Now that’d be some serious Darth Cyclist strong sauce.

discount cycling socks

Bicycling Sock Thickness

Thickness/thinness is also an issue with bicycling socks. Cycling shoes are typically rather narrow for us fat footed Americans. My high end Specialized shoes are right on the edge of being too narrow and wearing anything but the thinnest of socks really puts the hurt on my left foot.

I have a few pairs of cycling socks that are designated to be either ‘R’ or ‘L’. At first I thought they were personalized, but later realized that the words ‘right’ and ‘left’ started with the above referenced letters. They’re designated ‘R’ and ‘L’ because the additional padding on the ball of the foot and up into the arch are specific to each foot.

I once made the mistake of putting the socks on the wrong feet and was barely able to get the crank going forward. Anytime I had a lapse of concentration my pedaling stroke would begin to reverse.

The time that I put an ‘R’ sock on my right foot and an ‘R’ sock on the left foot found me appended in the right gutter midway into my training ride. This is serious stuff we’re dealing with here.

Some socks are made of Merino wool. Merino wool isn’t itchy like common wool, and is favored in bicycling socks, old school cycling jerseys, and even older school cycling shorts.
The Sock Guy offers a type of wool blend called ISOLWOOL that is reputed to be five times the the strength of wool alone. It’s fifty percent merino wool and fifty percent polypropylene. The remaining thirty eight percent are eye catching graphics.
Speaking of graphics, cycling socks are absolutely unparalleled in their ability to allow the cyclist to subtly express him or herself.

What could be sweeter than burnt orange, discount cycling socks with a longhorn on the side?

Maybe…just about anything?

Still not convinced that Amazon has the world’s largest selection of cycling socks?  Well, they do…irregardless of your ignorance (and I use the word ‘ignorance’ in it’s most literal of meanings….’lack of knowledge’, not idiocy).

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