Cycling Knickers – For Knee Warmth Or Fashion Statement?

There’s a whole cycling knickers world out there that I didn’t know about. I love my stretchy pants knickers for the added cold weather protection they give my knees. In fact, with my lycra knickers on I can’t conceive of a reason for me to get lycra knee warmers. We have a lot of cold weather riding here in Mount Shasta, so the cycling knickers are my favorites.

Then I started looking around for knickers on the world wide web. Holy turned up nose, batman!

I was assaulted with such verbiage as ‘elegance returns to bicycling’. I saw a picture of a set of wool knickers with what appeared to be satin cloth inCycling knickers the ‘dart’. That guy buckled his belt on the side like the dread pirate Roscoe.

I’m so torn- do I write about one of my favorite pieces of cycling apparel, or do I poke fun at what appear to be wanna-be European cyclists?

I’ll ramble like I always do and see what comes up.

Assos-the Pinnacle of Knicker Performance

Assos bib shortsAssos makes some serious cycling knickers. Serious to the tune of two to three hundred dollars. However, should the dread pirate Roscoe leave any booty around my house, I’ll probably buy a pair. Just about anything and everything that could be thought about in the world of knickers has been addressed by Assos. They’re an engineering marvel.

Different materials are used in different parts of the anatomy, seamless-touch surfaces are used in their construction, and a road shock absorbing foam is bonded in.

A dose of reality dictates that the dread pirate won’t be visiting anytime soon, so I’m more inclined to have to look at the Santinis, Pearl Izumis, Agus, or any other discounted bicycling knickers at places like Bike Nashbar.

Amazingly, if you want to see the world’s largest selection of cycling knickers…go no further than Amazon!

And Now For The Other Knicker World

Urban Cycling Knickers- These are definitely urban in origin and scope. Few rednecks in our area would be able to keep from spewing their Budweisers at the site of urban knickers. They’d be looking for accordions and Polka musicians.

These urban knickers are certainly well thought out. They have a low waist in the front to that your belt doesn’t dig into your gut, whether or not you’ve got the buckle in the front or on the side. They accommodate for butt crack exposure with a high back.

The knees have been articulated ‘for a better fit on a bike or barstool’. Oh, oh, true colors are starting to show. Yes, one reviewer pronounced the articulated knees to be ‘bitchin’. They were the envy of Chicago. But wait, wasn’t Governor Blagojevich the envy of Chicago?

Here’s a bit of trivia- the Limeys call knickers ‘breeks’. Rhymes with Geeks.

A different group of cycling knickers manufacturers reveal their motivation for offering 100% wool gabardine (definition of gabardine: wool material used primarily for dress pants, but never for cycling apparel) knickers.

They’ve found that without these urban knickers, bike commuters look either like freaks or slobs.

Like me and my slobbering friends.

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