Cycling Caps – Put A Lid On Your Ugly Coconut!

Cycling caps are an important member of the team of apparel designed to disguise a rider’s ugliness. Have you noticed that by the time we put on our cycling sunglasses, helmet/cap, stretchy shorts, and cycling jersey we are unrecognizable by even our mothers? That’s good for us ugly dudes.

When I look through the different logos on the cycling caps it’s evident that cycle caps draw to themselves a group of riders longing to align themselves with the ‘good ole cycling days’. Campagnolo, 7-Eleven, Raleigh, Castelli- they’re all well represented in the cycle cap world.

This is a great place to let other riders know that you rode back in the days before biking was popular.

Yes…you were an outcast from society and you now have the cap to prove it.

Last year I got a Campy cap and in my first race of the year I rode with the cap under my helmet. What a novel way to keep my noggin warm, and subtlety let everyone know that I’m old school. cycling caps

Turns out that the cap idea sucked.

And I’m not anywhere near old school.

When I was in the drops the puny little visor kept me from seeing ahead and it wouldn’t stayed ‘flipped up’ for more than a couple minutes. After I got on the short end of an echelon, resulting in premature peleton droppage, I actually stopped beside the road, removed my helmet, and put the annoying cycling cap in my back pocket.

I don’t like my bicycling cap anymore.

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Wool Cycling Caps For Cold Weather

But there are other cycling head covers to be considered. Pseudo cycle caps made of wool, with ear coverings and other novel ideas are great ways to keep your endangered neurons from getting hypothermia. I’ve done well putting a fleece balaclava under my helmet when the temps get down into the 20’s (Fahrenheit).

So What’s Out There? Of course there is a lot of representation in the light cotton variety bicycling cap. This is where the old school logos reign supreme. You know I really shouldn’t write that they ‘reign supreme’, because a little trip to BikeNashbar just revealed a couple of old school cycling caps that are offered for $2.99 instead of $12.99.

I guess their reign was as popular as Sadam Hussein’s.

Modern Microsensor Skull Caps are offered by Pearl Izumi and look to be good head heaters. Adidas offers an ‘Adidas Unit Climaproof Wind U-helmet Cap’. Same general idea, but with some wind proofing added. You can see a boatload of headgear accouterments here.

There are cycling caps, headbands, beanies (Touks in Canadian Speak), headsweats, skull caps, balaclavas….

Anywhooooo, a cyclist can get a lot of different items to cover up the head. Some are functional, some are meant to be functional- but ineffective, and some are messages.

Cycling caps statements- if you will.

And do you know who has the largest selection of cycling caps?  Amazon, of all places!

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