Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Thermal Cycling Bib Shorts

First came the Lycra pioneers of cycling who discarded their wool cycling shorts for stretchy shorts.

Then there was our loveable hero, Nacho Libre, sporting a knarley pair of ‘stretchy pants’. These were critical both for style and function in the wrestling rings of Mexico.
Pearl Izumi PRO thermal cycling bib shorts

Pass The Chamois, Please

Now Pearl Izumi has integrated a 4-way seamless stretchy 3D chamois into the Pearl Izumi P.R.O. cycling bib shorts. I have to say, it’s quite comfortable. Makes sense to put the stretch where it’s needed most…right where form meets function.

The chamois in these Pearl Izumi bib shorts is four layers of multi-density padding to dampen road vibration. It also has ‘active carbon yarn technology for enhanced thermal regulation’. I don’t know what to make of these high tech developments.

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I’m the kind of guy who works to keep my consciousness away from parts of my body not seen without the aid of a mirror.

But this chamois is comfortable from where I’m sitting. It’s hard to recommend a chamois because what’s good for the goose may not be good for the gander (that’s ‘gender differentiation’ talk in fowl language).

Needless to say, chamois selection is a personal issue. Some riders have yet to come out of their chamois closets. I’ve been outed and stand here proclaiming the chamois in the P.R.O. thermal bib shorts to be very comfortable.

Don’t forget, a key function of the chamois (besides padding) is to reduce friction and prevent chafing. I’m all for that, since I see no future in either chafing or starting fires around my sensitive parts.

This just in…

There are natural silver antimicrobial ions in the Pearl Izumi P.R.O. cycling bib shorts chamois to reduce bacteria and odor while providing thermal regulation.

What About Materials In The Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Cycling Bib Shorts?

These bib shorts are made primarily of stretch MicroSensor fabric. Because this is the ‘thermal’ version the fabric is like a very thin fleece on the inside. The bib part (everything above the ‘shorts’) is a light material that you can see through. Sweat can ‘see’ its way away from your skin.

The materials are cut from an eight panel design to create a more appropriate fit. I’d expect nothing less from a pair of shorts of this high quality.

What Holds These Bib Shorts Together?

pearl izumi P.R.O. thermal bib shorts
‘Flatlock seams’ stretch almost as readily as the material, and perhaps as importantly, they add a stylish look. The white seams add some definition to your sculpted gluts and quads.

They probably draw attention to your less-than-sculpted butt and flabby legs too. But who’s looking at a grown man in lycra (except just about everyone)?

The chamois is ‘bonded’ to the shorts using fusion technology. This eliminates the need for any seams in the areas where seams aren’t welcome.

A Few More Features

What’s there to say about the ‘grippers’ around the legs? They work and they aren’t uncomfortable.

And then there are the reflective triangular panels on both the front and back of the legs.

With the steady, piston-like motion of your pedaling stroke, you’re sure to be noticed by any motorist who’s had the wisdom to turn on their headlights in low light conditions.


The Pearl Izumi P.R.O. thermal cycling bib shorts are very well made, with a lot of thought put into the materials, fit, and features.

I really like mine.

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