Assos Bib Shorts Pull Out All The Stops

assos bib shortsThere’s nothing in the Assos line that exemplifies quality more than Assos bib shorts. In a company that boasts of having “350 years of combined know-how in the creation of anatomical function-driven cycling apparel”, Assos bib shorts are at the pinnacle of product development, uncompromised materials, and assembly.

Assos emerged as a major force in the late 1990’s, with the courage to put the ‘pedal to the metal’. The sophistication of the highest quality fabrics, along with the detail and willingness to choose the appropriate material for each and every panel in the shorts was unprecedented.

You Need A Degree In Engineering To Understand The F.I. 13 S5 Assos Bib shorts

Let’s look at the top-of-the-line Assos F.I. 13 S5 Bib Shorts for insight into the detail engineered into the Assos products.

As an example, the fabric on the side panels (A430) is noted for its breathability, while the fabric on the inner panels (A431) has less stretch. Why less stretch? It keeps the chamois in place better as it’s less able to move around. It’s also more durable, since the inner panel rubs on the saddle and gets assaulted by sweat more than the rest of the family of panels.

And then there’s a different fabric on the front panel.

The front panel is a high-elastic fabric designed to reduce the pressure on the genitals. The genitals of young males put enough pressure on themselves without needing any assistance from bib shorts.

Assos F.I. 13 bib shorts have an elastic interface chamois. A little investigation reveals that this is a material that stretches enough to better conform where you need it to conform. But just being elastic isn’t enough.

There are two separate pads stitched together with two separate stitchings. The layer closer in is softer than the outer layer. It also has a bit less stretch, so it isn’t quite as eager to ‘snap back into place’. This reduces the amount of friction against the skin.

The whole chamois operation seems as sophisticated and difficult to decipher as an unmarked Swiss bank account. But both are highly sought after by big-moneyed individuals.

Back to the chamois. The chamois has a dimpled surface in order to increase breathe ability. It’s also cut a little bit differently at the front to further reduce pressure to the family jewels.

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The Final Two Assos Bib Shorts ‘Shock And Awe’ Features

1.) The leg grippers are asymmetrical. One is silver and one is black. If you remember which is which, you’ll never put on your Assos bib shorts backwards. If you’re that dumb, you don’t deserve these marvels of engineering anyway.

2.) The shorts come in a thermo-foam box, complete with chamois cream, Active Wear Cleaner, and a wash bag.

To have written about every detail of every set of Assos bib shorts would have been a daunting task, and I’m as unable to write undauntingly as you are to read undauntingly. Suffice it to say, by going into the detail engineered into this one set of bib shorts, I hope you’ll be confident that you really can’t go wrong with Assos products.

If you have enough money.

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If you’d like to see the largest online selection of Assos Bib Shorts that I’ve ever seen…go over to Amazon.

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