A Purdue Cycling Jersey: Ride With Boilermaker Pride!

Did you know that more people are looking for a Purdue cycling jersey than for any other college cycling jersey? What’s up with that? If you believe the ‘search engine’ statistics (as I do), there are more searches each month for ‘Purdue cycling jersey’ than for the cycling jerseys of any other university. There must be an awful lot of Boilermaker pride out there. Of course if you’re on this page I don‘t have to tell you about Boilermaker pride. purduekit

Now you can show your Boilermaker colors while you’re screaming down the street on your road bike. While there are over a hundred different college cycling jerseys out there, I’m sure you’ll think that the Purdue jersey has no parallel. The rest of us unenlightened riders may beg to differ, but what does it matter- you’re going for the Boilermaker gusto. Here’s to you, Boilermaker riders…

So without further adieu, here are the features of these jerseys.

Purdue Jersey Features

# 100% microfiber polyester fabric

# Quick-drying moisture transfer (due to the microfiber polyester fabric)

# Three pockets in the rear

# Neck zipper for ventilation and exposure of chest hairs

# Officially licensed and approved by each college (without this who knows what they’d do with your mascot).

# Sublimated image (sublimation is a process by which the ‘ink’ is transferred onto the jersey from a vapor to a solid without ever going through the liquid phase. This makes for a more effective bonding of fabric and graphic)

Here’s something you won’t see on the other College cycling jersey pages. Purdue’s Cycling Club has their own jersey made by Hincapie Sports. Not only is it unique, your purchase will help out the club. In fact Joey tells me that 75% of their funding comes from Purdue cycling jersey sales. So what are you waiting for? Buy an official Purdue Cycling Jersey.

And if you just don’t have enough Purdue trinkets, hats, clothing, or items designed to pull the dust out of the air you can check out the selection at SportsFanfare.

You’ll have to navigate to the ‘College’ link on the left, but I’ve got faith in you.

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6 Responses to A Purdue Cycling Jersey: Ride With Boilermaker Pride!

  1. Joey says:

    We still offer our full line to the public! If you would like more than a jersey and bibs, orders are due this coming Wednesday. Check out our webpage for more info. If you miss out on the order, we order TONS of extra jerseys and bibs, so e-mail our clothing coordinator to get a kit!


  2. Ron Fritzke says:

    Kathy, Oh boy, things don’t look too good. I was referring readers over to the Purdue Cycling club for the jerseys and shorts…but now they don’t seem to be offering their wares to the public. You can look around at their website and maybe contact them here.

  3. kathy voegel says:

    My husband rides 6,000 miles a year. I would like to buy him your Purdue cycling jersey and cycling shorts. Whoever designed your jerseys did a magnificent job. I would like to buy a 1 XL or XXL.
    What do you have available.

    Thank you.
    What is the cost for shipping as well?

    Kathy Voegel

      • Love says:

        Any jerseys avllbaaie for purchase. I had several friends do the ride from Bellevue Washington, but found out about the ride to late for this year. I will ride next year.I just finished our toughest Washington state ride. RAMROD 159 miles but only 10,000 ft. Just a training ride for your super century.Great design on your jersey. The best I have seen. That is why I want one if avllbaaieSize is club cut XL or procut XXLlet me knowThanksByron Piro

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