Wear Cycling Shorts Bare Naked?

wearing cycling shorts

Strip Away The Bike Shorts And This Is What You See...Butt, X-ray Vision Isn't Always What It's Cracked Up To Be!!

Some of you may be wondering how you wear cycling shorts. How do I know this? Well a lot of you wouldn’t have typed ‘how to wear cycling shorts’ into Google if there wasn’t some interest.

What To Wear Under Bike Shorts?

Now for the hard part. What exactly do you mean when you ask that question? I guess I’ll try to answer the question by describing what makes cycling shorts unique and how that affects their wearing.

The function of bike shorts to be simplified into two basic functions.

1). Wear Cycling Shorts To Get Aerodynamic

The first function when you wear cycling shorts  is to be very flexible while being aerodynamic. This is where much of the fear comes in. Yes, there are a lot of cycleshortaphobes out there. You see, with aerodynamics comes tight fitting bicycling shorts. This can strike fear in the hearts of both those who wear  cycling shorts and those who have to look at those those who wear cycling shorts.

My advice? Get used to it! No, not really.

I’m not really that insensitive to your sensitivities. One thing I remember doing was wearing an untucked T-shirt. This covered up some of the exposure and relieved some of my concerns. I found that while it isn’t exactly kosher with hardcore cyclists to not wear a cycling jersey, a long shirt covers a variety of fears.

It won’t be long until you wear cycling shorts like the bold cyclist that you’re destined to become.

Wouldn’t You Know It…There’s A Video On How To Buy Cycling Shorts!

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2). Wear Cycling Shorts For That All Important Chamois

Cycling apparel becomes highly specialized wherever the body touches the bike. Gloves are specialized, shoes are specialized, and of course cycling shorts are specialized. Arguably the most important aspect of the biking short is the interface betwixt saddle and rump. This is known as the chamois.

The chamois is the padded part of the cycling short that covers any irritating seams in the short and provides some sense of cushion. Let’s get one thing straight. You’ll never be entirely comfortable on a bike saddle. You can be sitting on just about any saddle while you wear cycling shorts without anything under them (oh, you’ve gotten bold now!) and you’ll still be squirming around before long.

The objective is to minimize the discomfort.

So how do you wear cycling shorts? Be sure that the shorts are tight enough to hold the chamois firmly enough to your crotch that there is a minimum of rubbing in the nether regions.

The ‘Bib Short’ to the Rescue!

A lot of cyclist wear bib shorts for this reason. The suspender-like aspect of the bib short keeps the chamois pulled up snugly. Then you’re left to figure out how to relieve yourself during a bathroom break. wear cycling shorts

Here’s another tip regarding how to wear cycling shorts. Wear them for as little time as possible. Because cycling shorts are worn without underwear there is a natural buildup of bacteria in the chamois. Some chamois comes with an anti-bacterial substance.

Limit Exposure Time In Your Cycling Shorts

Regardless, keep the time that you wear cycling shorts to a minimum so that you can ‘air out’ your crotch and minimize your exposure to any bacterial build up. If you wash your shorts after each ride you’ll reduce the bacterial build up as well.

If you do it that often the time that you wash cycling shorts will exceed the time that you wear cycling shorts.  I’ll bet you didn’t realized that riding your bike could become more about laundry than actually riding. 😛

So how do you wear cycling shorts?

Get bold and wear them proudly! And don’t forget to wear them as little as possible.  Don’t wear cycling shorts on trips to the supermarket, and don’t wear cycling shorts to birthday parties.

Once again, one of the best ways to look like you know what you’re doing is to wear some of the nicest shorts.

Believe it or not…Amazon is a great place to get cycling shorts deals as well.

So there you have it…you wear cycling shorts bare assed naked, proudly if you’re able!

Think you’re now a ‘bike shorts’ expert?

Take our short 10 question quiz to see where you stand. (don’t worry, we don’t collect your email, social security number, or mother’s maiden name…it’s just for fun.)  Go to the bike shorts quiz page.

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