Some Low Rise Cycling Shorts Combine Function and Fashion

Some ladies are looking for low rise cycling shorts so they don’t have to kiss all style good-bye. For women who’ve never had the waistline of their shorts within four inches of their navel, traditional cycling shorts just won’t cut it. LIKE DUH!

I’ve found three models of low rise cycling shorts that are designed to accentuate the girlish figure. However one of the models seem to be cheating a little. What do you think? Looks like the white panels at the top are faux to the max.

This brand, the Sportful Bloom Low Rise Short claims that these shorts fall below the belly button. This appears to be true. However the faux white panels preclude the rider from having to get a bikini wax while still achieving the desired effect.
The Sportful low rise cycling short is made of Supplex material. This material has a cotton-like feel. However, because it is the rise of high technology it provides moisture evaporation, supports the muscles, and provides some wind protection.

One of the downsides of some women’s cycling shorts is that the legs aren’t long enough. When this is the case the front of the saddle can rub against bare skin. Not recommended. everlastlowriseshort

Everlast makes a low rise cycling short too. HOWEVER… these may be only for POSERS! Why, you ask? There is no mention of the heart of the cycling short, the chamois (you know, the diaper betwist your saddle and your unseamly parts). Yes, they are made of Supplex and Lycra. Yes, they have the appearance of biking shorts. But, and for some POSERS that’s a very big butt, they don’t emphasize a chamois and the legs are so short that they may not clear the front end of the saddle. trilowriseshort

The De Soto low rise tri short is cut to be 1.5” lower in the front than in the back. They do have the essential chamois which they are calling the ‘Quick-drying Cycling Tri-Pad. This chamois is minimized so that it isn’t a hinderance to the tri-athlete when she runs. They even come in a variety of colors! To top it off, they aren’t very expensive. I’ve seen them on sale for $29.37.

So there you have it. There are three valid low rise cycling shorts and there are fakes too. When fashion changes and waistlines rise, we may see some people wearing their biking shorts up under their armpits.

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