Boys Bicycle Shorts? You’d Better Know These 4 Features

Before you buy boys cycling shorts read what goes into a pair of comfortable biking shorts. This page will be geared to those who are unfamiliar with cycling shorts. I’ll do a short overview of the different aspects of a pair of boy’s cycling shorts.

1. Modern Materials In Boys Bicycle Shorts?

Cycling shorts for boys will be made of a stretchable material such as lycra. The material is typically of a six ounce weight or a eight ounce weight. These materials are rated according to how much they weigh per square yard. The heavier material grips the legs a bit tighter. It could also be argued that it may stand up better to the rough treatment it may receive from boys.

2. How Many Panels Do Boys Bicycle Shorts Need?

Boys cycling shorts will be cut from either six of eight panels of material. The more expensive shorts are typically made from eight panels. The number of panels used to be much more of a consideration before the advent of Lycra. When shorts were made of materials that were relatively ‘unstretchy’, such as wool, the increased number of panels allowed the seamstress to be able to form a pair of shorts that were more form-fitting.

Now that the new materials have the ability to stretch around almost anything, the number of panels isn’t quite as much of a consideration.

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3. How Much Do Boys Bicycle Shorts Cost?

Prices for boy’s cycling shorts are scaled down from the prices that are charged for adult shorts. Pricey adult shorts sell for over $100.00. I see some prices for boy’s cycling shorts around $29.00. I guess the quality isn’t quite the same as the assumption is that the kid will outgrow the shorts before they wear them out.

4. That All Important Chamois Insert In Boys Cycling Shorts

One of the other features of the boys cycling short is the chamois insert. In the olden days of wool shorts the padded insert (originally made of soft leather) was in the crotch in order to ‘soften out’ the seams which would put some serious irritation to the sensitive regions between the legs.

Modern shorts don’t have as much of a seam problem as many manufacturers use flat-stitched seams.

The modern chamois is made of a variety of materials with most manufacturers touting the benefits of their chamois. Some have an anti-bacterial characteristic. Since an accumulation of bacteria can cause rashes or sores this can be helpful. However, it doesn’t substitute for frequent washings to keep the microbe count to a minimum.

The combination of saddle and chamois is what keeps discomfort to a minimum. It isn’t true that a thicker chamois necessarily equates to a more comfortable ride.

Other Boys Cycling Shorts Features

There are other details that go into the making of cycling shorts.

I was in a much more expansive and creative mood when I wrote the bike shorts page. So if you’re yearning for more info, I think you’ll benefit from going to that page.

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