Sidi Genius 5 Pro Carbon Is Brilliant

sidi genius 5 pro carbonThe Sidi Genius 5 was brilliant…then the Ergo 2 showed up!

Here’s a little background on Sidi shoes in general that’ll help you appreciate the Sidi Genius 5 Pro Carbon.

Sidi started almost 50 years ago when Dino Signori began making what would be called mountain sports footwear. I guess that’s hiking boots and tree fairy booties. Currently Sidi specializes in two wheeled (motorbikes and non-motorized bikes) sports footwear, the Sidi Genius 5 Pro Carbon being from the non-motorized category. Just to confuse matters, there is also the Genius 5.5 Carbon.

I like this part- Sidi derives it’s name from the first two letters of Dino’s names. Because DiSi means ‘cycling panty waste’ in Italian, Dino settled for choice number two. Thus Sidi.

OK, I did make up the part about ‘cycling panty waste’. But not about the first two letters.

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Give Me Some Sidi Genius 5 Features, Man!

“Enough of the filler copy- cough up some features, weaksauce website writer-dude!”, I hear you thinking.

The Uppers on the Sidi Genius 5 are made of what’s called Lorica. The Sidi upper is essentially a man-made leather (Lorica) with mesh inserts. Most major shoe companies have a proprietary leather that they tout as being better than letter. Sidi describes Lorica as a high tech material based on a combination of ultra-fine micro-fibres. These are then treated with special resins to create a microporous structure which then acts like leather.

Cows merely eat grass, grow skin (leather), and then shed it upon death.

Soles on a Sidi Genius 5 are termed ‘Hi-tech carbon’ and are a blend of thermoplastics and a percentage of carbon fibers in the injection. Some argue that a sole made entirely of carbon is too stiff and the lack of any ‘give’ at all leads to hot spots on the sole of the foot.

Buckles in the Sidi system are interesting. On the high end shoes like the Genius 5 the buckle is called the Ultra SL and is very precise and easy enough to use that adjustments can be done on the bike without tipping over.

What I find most interesting, is that like most of the parts on Sidi shoes, the buckles are replaceable. You can get replacement buckles and/or replacement straps at places like Western Bike Works or Performance Bike. The replacement buckle sells for about $22. You can even get replacement straps.

If you spend a lot of time walking around at your local coffee roasting house, you may wear out the heal pad on your stylish Sidi Genius 5 Pro Carbons. Well, the heel pad is replaceable too.

The Sidi Genius series is now offered in ‘Mega’ sizing. This is significant because Sidi’s have been historically too narrow for a lot of fat American feet. Mega sizing merely denotes shoes that are offered in a wide size. Hurrah! That’s where I’ll be heading.

Looks like the Sidi Genius 5 Pro Carbon is the $250 version and the Sidi Genius 5.5 Carbon is the $350 version. It’s weird that the word ‘pro’ is used on the less expensive version. And who’s the dim-witted fool that came up with the name Genius?

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