Sidi Ergo 2 Review – The Ultimate Carbon Road Cycling Shoes?

Some Sidi Ergo’s Featuring ‘Bittini Bling’

Nothing catches my eye like the Sidi Ergo 2 price tag. Retails for $505. Wow!

At first glance a cyclist would be tempted to wonder how a shoe with a sole, upper, heel cup, closure system, etc- just like all the other shoes on the market, could cost so much. But hold the horses. Don’t all cars have engines, transmissions, wheels, seats, steering wheels?

I guess the same principle applies- not all cars are created equal. By the same token, not all cycling shoes are created equal. The Sidi Ergo 2 is created much, much more equal than just about any shoe out there.

What we have in the Ergo 2 is a shoe that is reputed to having been handmade, entirely in Europe. Comparing the Sidi Ergo 2 to the Genius series, there are many similarities- it’s just that the Ergo is better in all it’s components. By the way, like with all of the high end Sidi shoes, the components in the Ergo 2 are replaceable. Buckles, straps, heel cup systems, heel pads, etc.

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Sidi Carbon Sole

The patented full carbon sole is interesting because until recently Sidi soles were a thermoplastic with an injection of various amounts of carbon fiber. Two questions come to mind.

Is the full carbon sole because Sidi is relenting to the rabid hunger for ‘all things carbon’? Maybe a full carbon isn’t really what’s best suited for most cycling needs. I know that carbon packs a powerful wallop in the cycling prestige department.

Second question- I wonder what the patent is all about? Patents are usually given once someone demonstrates that they are offering something that no one else offers. What is it about this sole that deserves a patent? The carbon sole is of varying thickness under different parts of the foot- maybe that’s the answer to the patent question.

Sidi Ergo 2 Heel Cup

Rather than a simple heel cup to grip the heel of the foot, the sidi ergo 2Sidi Ergo 2 has an ‘Adjustable Heel Security System’. This can be tightened or loosened to conform to the heel most effectively, causing the heel cup to be comfortable, but also snug enough to eliminate heel lift. To make matters even more interesting, each side of the heel cup tightening system can be tightened independently. Those who have asymmetrical heels have finally found the answer to their agony. Ha!

Across the back of the heel cup there looks to be striping very much like what world champions get to wear on their kits. I don’t know how cool that is considering what an honor it is for real world champs to wear the rainbow colors. They aren’t exactly the same, but what gives with that? Maybe it suggests that the wearer is a world champion in the ‘expensive cycling shoe buying competition’.

‘H Davis’ has corrected me in the comments section below…The colors are the colors of the Italian flag.  I wonder if that has something to do with the Sidi company being from Italy? 😳

Learn About The Sidi Ergo Lorica Uppers

In the Sidi Ergo 2 the upper is once again a combination of Sidi’s Lorica and mesh inserts. As I’ve written elsewhere, Lorica is Sidi’s proprietary man-made leather. They take micro-fibers and add a resin to create what cows make by eating grass.

sidi patten blackOne of the options in the Ergo 2 is a black patent leather. It’s too flashy for me, but might look good with formal military attire.

Red is also offered. It looks pretty nice, but would be hard to wear with a green kit. Except in and around the Christmas season.

The white color is nice. Some riders don’t like white so they’d be having to choose the patent leather black version, or the Santa Claus version. Decisions, decisions.

The Buckle System In Sidi Ergo Cycle Shoes

There is also a patent on the buckle system. It’s called the Techno ll buckle system. The strap closest to the toe looks like a generic Velcro hook and loop system, but it isn’t. Between hook and loop there are two rows of plastic teeth which mesh together and stay together once the strap ‘hook and looped’ together. I hope the picture shows itsidi ergo 2 closure system clearly, because my written description is sadly lacking.

The second buckle over the instep is unique. A little round half moon is lifted up and then twisted to tighten the strap. This is the patented Techno ll strap.

There is also a thin pad on the inside of the tongue in this area to combat numbness.

The top strap is more traditional. There is a tab to ratchet toward foot-numbing tightness and another tab to ratchet toward loosening relief.

Sidi Offers Women’s Widths And Mega-Wide Sizing

Of course there is the regular sizing. Then there is the Mega-wide sizing and the women’s specific sizing. The women’s specific sizing helps to keep women cyclist from developing manfoot.

Well I’ve scoured the reviews, the propaganda, the recesses of my very dark mind and my conclusion is- I sure would like to get a pair of these Sidi Ergo 2‘s. When I settle for one of the Sidi Genius models I’ll feel like I’m going to the dance with my sister, instead of with Cinderella.

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  1. H Davis says:

    Umm.. Those “world champions” colours are the Italian flag

    • Ron Fritzke says:

      Hello ‘H’…I’ve corrected my mistake in the text above. I even gave YOU the credit.

      Thanks for pointing it out.


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