Sidi Dominator 5 – Sidi’s Hot ‘Off Road’ And ‘On’

I’m sure hearing that the Sidi Dominator 5 comes out of the last 100% European cycling shoe facility is getting to be a little old.

Quick review- Dino Signori started making ‘mountain sports footwear’ almost 60 years ago in Northern Italy. The company (named after the first two letters of his last and first name) evolved into making two-wheeled sports footwear.

The company has resisted creating a unicycle shoe as it would be too costly to change all of their advertising materials regarding the ‘two-wheeled sports’ blah, blah. Likewise, young people who never graduate from the tricycle are relegated to wearing footwear inferior to Sidi’s handmade, 100% Made in Europe products.

“100% Made in Europe” refers to the fact that the Sidi Dominator 5 is made entirely in Italy, not in places like Beijing.

Like all Sidi products, the Sidi Dominator 5 is reputed to be known for it’s reliability, durability, and comfort.

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Sidi Dominator 5 Uppers

Sidi uses it’s proprietary Lorica man-made leather, combined with mesh inserts for the upper. As I’ve written on the Sidi Cycling Shoes page, Lorica is Sidi’s efforts to create what cows create naturally. They use micro-fibers which they combine with a resin. The end product is reputed to be superior to leather, but I’m not sure why. Anyhoo…the mesh offers ventilation and the Lorica offers durability.

Closure System On The Dominator

The top buckle on the Sidi Dominator 5 is the replaceable Ultra SL. When the Ultra SL is combined with a ‘Soft Arch Compresion Strap’, the pressure of the closure system is distributed more evenly across the top of the foot. As an aside, replacements can be purchased at places like Performance Bike, or Western Bike Works.

The next two straps look innocent enough, but there is Italian innovation lurking below! Termed the ‘High Security Velcro Strap’, these straps integrate locking teeth so that there is absolutely no slippage. Brilliant! While the picture I’ve included below is of the $500 Sidi Ergo 2 road shoe, the ‘High Security Velcro Strap’ is the same. See the ‘red’ on the bottom strap?

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Sidi Dominator 5 Toe Spikes And Recessed Cleats

The competition sole certainly offers great traction, but there are a few other items of interest.
sidi dominator 5
Firstly, metal toe spikes can be screwed in right behind the front pad at the front of the sole. Extra traction, anyone?

Secondly, how about this idea for road cyclists… because the cleats are recessed it may make sense to get a pair of Sidi Dominator 5’ for those trips on the road bike which end up at the coffee house boutique.

That way you won’t annoy the rest of us who’s nerves are on ‘caffeine edge’ when you click and clank across the floor in your road shoes. But of course we are entertained by any slipping and falling that slippery road shoes may cause.

The Sidi Dominator 5 also offers a padded tongue to take some pressure off of the instep. There are fit relievers incorporated into the tongue for added comfort.

Over-all, the Sidi Dominator 5 is to mountain biking what the Sidi Genius series is to road biking. While the Genius is a great shoe, there is the Ergo 2 at $500, which makes the Genius look dim-witted.

Likewise, while the Sidi Dominator 5 is a great shoe, the Dragon 2 makes the Dominator look submissive.

And lastly, wouldn’t you know it…that giant of all merchandising, Amazon offers some of the best deals on the Sidi Dominator.

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    Does the Dominator Mega (if not the Dominator) take road cleats like Look Keo?

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