Buy Clearance Road Bike Shoes, They Aren’t Hard To Find!

Clearance road bike shoes are a whole different breed of the zapatos. Whereas running shoes can be used to troll your favorite mall, it would be practically impossible to look cool walking around in road bike shoes. First off, I don’t think it would be even possible to remain upright for too long in the aisles of a mall.

What features should you be looking for?

Soul Talk…There’s A Lot Of Talk About Road Bike Shoe Soles

One of the most talked about features in clearance road bike shoes is the composition of the sole. Typically, the talk is all about how much carbon fiber is in the sole, and how much stiffness it contributes. While hard-core racers are looking for maximum stiffness, more casual riders might benefit from a sole with a little bit of flex. Without some flex, hot spots can develop on the bottom of the foot. Another downside of soles made predominantly of carbon is their excessive cost.

Can you say, “$505.00”? At the bottom of the page I’ll show you where you can see shoes that exceed half a grand! And the wearers swear by them. Of course what else are they going to say- that they were a fool to buy them?

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Heel cups In Clearance Road Bike Shoes Can Get Pretty Involved

Just like the title suggests, heel cups should surround your heel firmly so that your heel doesn’t lift in parts of your cycling stroke. clearance road bike shoesThis is particularly important when wearing very stiff soled road cycling shoes. In races, sprinters depend on their heel not lifting out of their shoes during the sprint. Sidi shoes feature a heel cup system with reinforced support.

What’s The History Of Cycling Shoe Buckles?

One of the innovations that the founder of Sidi cycling shoes, Dino Signori contributed to the road cycling world was the elimination of laces on the shoes. His buckling system is still of the highest quality and features a top buckle that can be adjusted while on the bike. Another feature of the buckle is its replace-ability. sidibuckle2You can see in the picture how a new buckle could be bolted on to the shoe, thereby allowing the shoe to be used for a lot more sweaty miles on the bike.

When Velcro came up with the innovative ‘hook and loop’, the common strap system that we see on most road cycling shoes became possible. Before Velcro, a messy pine tar system was employed. Not.

Want To Get Confused?…Try To Figure Out All Of The Materials In Road Bike Shoe ‘Uppers’

It seems that most companies are touting their leather or man-made materials for the upper of road cycling shoes. A pair of Time shoes that I have uses plastic and mesh which have been joined using ultrasound, which they claim eliminates the need for stitching in the upper. It seems to work because my Time road cycling shoes are holding together quite well. Sidi shoes make their uppers using a material called Lorica.

Sidi describes Lorica as a high-tech material which is based on ultra-fine microfibers. They then treat the microfibers with special resins to create a material which like the collogen in natural leather gives a high degree of softness, durability, and breathability.

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Do Cycling Shoe Tongues Really Matter?

The tongue on your clearance road cycling shoes had better be padded or the instep of your foot is going to take a beating. Sidi shoes also notches the tops of their tongues to prevent pinching.

Department Of The Interior

So what’s the interior of your clearance road cycling shoes look like? Is it soft and without stitching that sticks out? The softness of the interior in triathlon shoes is emphasized so that triathletes don’t have to wear socks. A high-quality interior is less likely to contribute to blisters or hotspots on the foot.

Insoles anyone?

Specialized cycling shoes are noted for their quality insoles which support the foot and help to eliminate any pronating that a cyclist specialized specializedbgfootbedmay have. All cycling shoes have some sort of insole, but an insole with some support for the arch can be very beneficial.

While road cycling shoes can look pretty goofy in the eyes of a non-cyclist, there’s a lot that goes into them. Up to and including the Sidi Ergo 2, which sells for $505. If you want to see what a $505 cycling shoe looks like, you can see a picture of them at Amazon.  I saw some listings for as low as $359.00 there.

If you want to see bargains… like $150.00 shoes for $49.00, go over to Amazon!

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