Nike Cycling Shoes to Fit Most Needs

Surely out of the five men’s and two women’s Nike cycling shoes there’s one for you. It’s amazing how far-reaching the Nike empire has grown. In the early 70’s I remember running cross-country before Nike had any shoes at all, never mind Nike cycling shoes…or for that matter, a shoe for every sport. I even remember when the first waffle soles appeared on those running shoes. Revolutionary!

Now Nike has a shoe for every sport, including cycling. Following their pattern of using high profile sports celebrities to promote their products, Nike cycling shoes features a shoe by Lance Armstrong. Celebrities, celebrities. What would a shoe look like had they offered a billiards shoe featuring Minnesota Fats?

Here’s A Fun Video Of Lance (and various stuntmen) Doing A Nike Commercial.  Give It A ‘Look-see’…It’s Only A Bit Over One Minute Long!

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Let’s Get Down to ‘Nike Bike Shoes’ Business!

Enough silly stuff, let’s write a few words about the different models in the Nike cycling shoes line.

Hold the phone…here’s a disclaimer right from the git go. I can’t find much in the way of online Nike cycling shoes sales. You may find out a bit from this page but you won’t find much in the way of being able to make a buy.

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Nike Cycling Shoes

The Lance II Sits On Top Of The Nike Cycling Shoe Ladder

It’s amusing to read that the Lance II ‘puts podium stopping power’ into these Nike cycling shoes. Talking about appealing to fantasies! There I am, transferring awe-inspiring power from my massive thighs to the crank, taming the ascent up Mount Shasta. Looking, looking, looking for the podium. Where’s that podium? Come on! They had one for Lance, where’s mine? I guess fantasies are fun if you don’t take them too far.

Advertised at 320 grams (11.29 ounces), these Nike cycling shoes are reputed to be some of the lightest buckle shoes on the market. Its lightweight carbon soles are thin enough to place your feet only 8 mm (.31 inches) above the pedals, while remaining very stiff. Not a foot/ounce is wasted in annoying sole flexing.

There’s an integrated heel cup, strap and buckle to really suck you down into these Nike cycling shoes. One with the shoe, one with the pedal, one with the crank, one with the bike, one with the imaginary podium!

The upper is made of a synthetic leather to reduce stretch, as well as water absorption. The buckle is set up so that you can adjust the fit on the fly. You may find that you were too enthusiastic with your Lance Armstrong imitation and need to loosen the buckle enough to get some blood circulating to your toes.

All joking aside, these Nike cycling shoes are their top of the line model. List price: $279.00

Let Lance’s Guy Tutor You On ‘How To Choose Proper Cycling Shoes’

The Poggio III Is The High End Nike Bike Shoe Without The Buckle

Now we’re getting lightweight! 260 grams (9.17 ounces, .0409 stones) in a size 43 (size 9 US men’s). Without that anchor known as a buckle these Nike cycling shoes floats pretty well. It’s built on an Italian ‘cycling specific’ last so some of us fat-footed Americans may whine a bit about the fit. Try them on!

nike cycling shoe

Once again, these Nike cycling shoes feature the thin 8mm thick sole that’s got the stiffness factor going for it. While this shoe claims to have a stiff sole, I’ve never come across a serious road cycling shoe that claims anything but ‘maximum stiffness’. Hmm…

The buckle system of the Lance has been replaced with three straps in the Poggio III. Nike cycling shoe uppers are made of a proprietary synthetic leather known as KNG100. Lighter and stronger than the leathers of other manufacturers, this leather sounds like an anorexic wrestler. To achieve comfort, the Poggio III incorporates an Air Mesh textile into the upper to wrap the foot in comfort.

This shoe is reputed to feel like a slipper. For those readers who don’t know, that’s a good thing. A very comfy slipper with an extremely stiff sole! nike-t-speed

T Speed- ‘T’ Is For Triathlon and ‘Speed’ Is For Goin’ Fast…

Let’s see. ‘T’ is for triathlon, like in Triathlon Speed. You see that little loop on the back of the heel? That indicates a triathlon shoe. Easy on and easy off, that’s the triathlete’s mantra.

The uppers on these Nike cycling shoes are made of a top-tech fabric imbedded with aramid fibers. Nike maintains that these fibers are incredibly lightweight and ‘bullet proof’. We’ll jump on that bandwagon when we see law enforcement officers wearing these shoes to supplement their Kevlar vests! Contributing to the comfort department, these shoes have an ‘inner sandwich mesh’ which is effective when wet feet are wedged into them.

The reverse-closure straps lend themselves to fast transitions.



The Altea II Is A Nike Bicycle Shoe Down In The ‘More Affordable’ Stratosphere

Listed for $169.00 a pair, we’re descending down to the price level that those who don’t readily fantasize about winning the Tour start to look. This shoe is still touted to be built around a racing last, so you may find yourself winning a race even against your will.

Once again these Nike cycling shoes are built with synthetic leather which the company says will have you wondering if you’re riding in a slipper. So as to not get too confused, periodically dismount and walk across a hard surface. If your foot apparel is whisper quiet, you’ve got on slippers. If you hear an awkward clomping sound, you’re wearing Altea II’s.

Same stiff micro-thin stiff sole. What more can be said?


Ventoux II- A Nike Road Bike Shoe For About ‘One Benjamin’

Bargain basement, baby! Listed for $109.00, these shoes are described with as much eloquence and enthusiasm as the Lance. One thing they do have that the other models lack is wide sizing. Wide sizing leads to happy fat American feet.

Here’s what Nike has to say about these Nike cycling shoes- ‘You’ll feel twice as comfortable with the Nike Ventoux II. Huh? As opposed to the Ventoux I. Or are you twice as comfortable because you have one on each foot? When Phil Knight returns my call I’ll let you know.

The sole on this puppy is nylon and of course provides unsurpassed stiffness. Heh, wait a minute, they said that the carbon fiber sole provides unsurpassed stiffness. They can’t both be unsurpassed, one has to surpass the other eventually. They can’t be struggling along in an eternal tie.

The wide version lists for $114.99. Must use five extra dollar’s worth of high-tech materials.

Women’s Altea II and Ventoux II- Nike Cycling Shoes Built On A Women’s Last


Each of these models parallels the corresponding men’s model. However they’re built on a women’s last so they fit better. The women’s Altea comes in a blue color while the men’s Altea is either black on black or silver and black. The women’s Ventoux comes in Greystone and light Orchid. The men’s version is in Varsity Red (look above) and Flintgrey. It’s kind of funny that their Junior Varsity shoe comes in ‘Varsity Red’.


Well, I’ve had some fun poking fun at the promotional side of the Nike cycling shoes line. You’ve got Lance Armstrong and you’ve got cleverly titled colors. But let me say this about Nike. Lance said that when he had his bout with cancer only two of his sponsors remained loyal to their commitment to him. One of those two was Nike- and he’s stayed loyal to them in return. Now I’ll reach for a Kleenex brand tissue.

And there you have it, a bit about Nike cycling shoes.

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  1. Cherie Batte says:

    We are looking for the NIke BMX RACE shoe ( our son had the Nike dunk Gyro? Something like that, red white and blue BMX race shoe which came out during the last summer Olympics, ) he only wants to race in this shoe now. If we can locate these we will by two pair to last 4 years until the next Olympics! Best shoe he has ever had he says. He is a sponsored racer now and they also really look sharp with his bike set up and team jersey and all. Light weight and better performance than the other leading brands he has used.

    • Shirley White says:

      Hi Cherie – our son has outgrown his Nike BMX race shoes (he’s 16 now) – we’re happy to pass them along to a deserving kid – just reply with your address and we’ll drop them in the mail.

      • Ron Fritzke says:

        Hi Cherie and Shirley,

        If you’re hesitant to put your address here in public view, you can send it to me by going to the ‘About’ tab at the top of this page, and then to the ‘Contact Us’ page. I’ll act as an intermediary.

        You can also just get to the ‘Contact Us’ page here.


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