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When looking for great cycling shoes, Lake cycling shoes should be at the top of your list. Every cycling enthusiast knows the difference between a good shoe and a not-so-good shoe. Some non-cycling enthusiasts share in this knowledge.

However, few mere ‘enthusiasts’ are privy. A good shoe fits properly, keeps the feet warm and provides great foot-to-pedal power transfer. A great quality shoe doesn’t need a large price tag attached; just a great name.

Usually such a statement regarding less than large price tags is reserved for items which don’t deserve to have a steep price, because they’re junk, but that may not be the case with Lake cycling shoes.

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What Makes Lake Cycling Shoes Different from the Rest?

Unlike many companies that try to cover a full range of biking needs (or companies like Nike, which try to cover the full range of any and all perceived needs), Lake focuses on great cycling shoes and gloves.

In doing such, they create a nearly perfect cycling shoe. All natural leathers act as a second skin, molding to the shape of the wearer’s foot. The soft, treated leather is both weather resistant and breathable.

Function Specific Design and Seasons

Each Lake cycling shoe is designed to fit the specific needs of its wearer. Lake focuses on individual comfort and functionality, not just men’s shoes vs. women’s shoes. Gender is definitely one of the many design factors, but not the only one. Other factors include the environment factors, the type of riding you do and how hard you ride. Fifteen shoe-making factors are taken into consideration for each pair of shoes created.

Can you imagine the amount of thinking that goes on in the Asian sweat shops each and every time a Lake shoe is made? lake cycling shoes
With eighteen models of shoe to choose from, Lake has cyclists covered for every season. Their winter shoe is not only water resistant, it’s rated for outdoor temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit! Style is on the forefront of Lake’s plan along with overall comfort of cyclists who trust their feet and knees to them. Comfort, style and functionality are qualities we’ve come to expect from Lake.

“Just Right” Soles

It’s all in the sole! A variety of soles help make Lake Cycling Shoes a great investment, no matter what type of cycling you pursue. Before creating the soles for their shoes, Lake did extensive research. They asked other cyclists (any cyclist named Theodore was asked to respond to a detailed survey) and tested their shoe models themselves before putting them into production.

The president of the company discovered that when his wife wore the winter shoes to bed she was less likely to plant her cold feet against his newly shaved legs.

The soles are created from three different materials: Nylon, Carbon and Rubber. Nylon soles are available in five different compositions ranging from flexible for commuting to stiff for racing.

Carbon soles are available in two different structure types to provide a neutral platform for their three different cleat standards.

Rubber soles provide maximum traction when you need it most. Each type of sole is created to the standards we cyclists learn to trust from Lake.

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Lake Cycling Shoes Aren’t Just Any Cycling Shoe

More trendy and expensive shoes may be purchased at almost any cycling apparel retailer. Expense and fame do not make a great cycling shoe. You may be very disappointed if you go buy an expensive pair of cycling shoes because they’re being promoted by a famous cyclist. Fit and quality mean more than popularity and fame. Your feet and knees will love you for it!

Lake focuses their full attention on cycling shoes and gloves. They offer eighteen models of cycling shoe for every possible cycling need. Models are available with buckles, BOA lacing system, hook and loop straps and laces.

Each model is put through rigorous testing before it goes on the market. Testing includes freezing, heating, bending and attempting to destroy the shoes before allowing customers to put them to their own personalized series of tests.


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