DMT Radial Cycling Shoes – Not Just For Pros Anymore!

Recently, DMT has ‘outed’ themselves and have some very nice cycling shoes on the market, including the DMT Radial cycling shoe.

DMT Radial Cycling Shoe Review by Ron Fritzke

Comfort Power Transfer
Versatility Overall Value
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DMT’s a company that’s relatively new in the pro cycling ranks…sort of.

Actually the company’s been around since 1978, quietly making custom cycling shoes for many of the pros, who then put their sponsor’s logo on them.

So although the DMT Radial is rather new to the cycling public, it benefits from the thousands of foot lasts that DMT has made for countless pros.

dmt radial

On The Road, It’s Either The DMT Radial Or The DMT Prisma

The DMT Radial shares the top of the podium with the DMT Prisma. They’re essential the same shoe except for the closure system. The Prisma has a cable system like the Specialized BOA, while the Radial has a more traditional three strap Velcro system.

The Good
  1. This is a well designed shoe that also has a touch of Italian flair.
  2. Breathable microfiber and mesh make up the upper so that the foot stays cool.
  3. Slip lasted upper construction makes for a great fit without the need for a midboard.
  4. Has a soft, padded collar with increased clearance that doesn’t interfere with ankle movement.
  5. Anatomically designed external heel counter minimizes heel slippage.
  6. Closure is three velcro straps and ‘D’ rings for simplicity.
  7. Extra stiff sole consists of 9 layers of carbon for a tensile strength of 40 tons per square inch.
  8. Thickness of the sole varies down to a thinness of 3.5mm under the sole for a low stack height
  9. Textured surface under the cleat interface to reduce cleat slippage.
  10. Comes with removable ‘vibration-dampening inserts
The Bad
  1. May be too much shoe for a casual rider.
  2. Doesn’t have the monofilament closure system that the Prisma has.

 ===>Here’s a great video on the DMT Radial Shoes<===

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The DMT Radial Cycling Shoe Is For:

  1. Cyclists wanting a high quality shoe not named ‘Sidi’ 🙂
  2. Riders wanting a very stiff sole for maximum efficiency.
  3. Cyclists with mid to higher end equipment

Leather That’s Better Than A Cow, Pig, Or Kangaroo Can Produce

They’re both made of a ‘microfiber’ man-made material, with ventilating mesh put into the mix. The man-made material’s very nice, with some riders describing the uppers as slipper-like and supple (I hate that word…it seems to drain the testosterone right out of me!…but nothing that a Landis-patch won’t solve.)

Making Microfiber

It seems that most of the high end cycling shoes now have their proprietary ‘microfiber’ pseudo leather. I suspect that they’re buying up old Earth shoes, stewing them in a steaming cauldron until the fibers disengage from one another, and then putting them back together using a patented witch’s formula. Thus is born the modern proprietary ‘microfiber’.

What About DMT Radial Width?

DMT’s are wider than Sidi’s (although Sidi makes a wide version that they’ve named ‘mega’), but not as wide as the shoes made by Northwave.

Reminds me of some old story about bears, porridge, and Goldilocks.

I guess this width would be the porridge that’s ‘just right’ if a bear was looking to get into riding a bike instead of lumbering through the forest, searching for his breakfast.

DMT Radial

Tater Pinetop Searching For His DMT Radials

Don’t Forget The Nine Layers Of Carbon Fiber

DMT uses a carbon fiber called Toray MR60 in their soles. Allow me to baffle you with bullshit impress you with my carbon fiber research.

This sole has a tensile strength of 40 tons per square centimeter. This means that if ole ‘Tater Pinetop’ tries with all of his might, he’d be unable to flex these soles.

This is the same carbon that Pinarello uses in the frames of their Prince Carbon and Montello FP8 models (so what?)

The nine layers of carbon are laid down at 0 degrees, 45 degrees, and 90 degrees in the following order…from inside out.

0, 45,45, 90, 0, 45, 0, 0, 45.

This sequence is actually the code that the ‘Windtalkers’ used to break the Japanese military code in the South Pacific…saving the world from annihilation!

But DMT thought it was as good as anything other order…and it sounded sexy.

Here’s the purpose of the different angles: 0 degrees runs the length of the sole and provides the overall stiffness, 45 degrees provides torsional stiffness so the the sole won’t flex when under a pronation or supination load, and the 90 degree fibers keep the sole together.

DMT Radial Shoes Designed For Speedplay Pedals

For all you Speedplay pedal enthusiasts, here’s where the DMT Radials really shine. They can be bought with a sole made especially for Speedplay pedals. With no adapters needed, the stack height (distance between the bottom of the foot and the pedals can be as thin as 3.5 mm.

And that means your pedal stroke can be more efficient, and you can beat up on your cycling buddies more effectively.

 ==>You can buy DMT Radial cycling shoes from Amazon here!<==

About the reviewer: Ron Fritzke is a cycling product reviewer with a passion for ‘all things cycling’. A former 2:17 marathoner, he now directs his competitive efforts toward racing his bike.


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