DMT Prisma Cycling Shoes – What Makes Them Great?

DMT Prisma cycling shoes are at the top of the heap, at least the top of the DMT pile. Great, we got that out of the way.

About the reviewer: Ron Fritzke is a cycling product reviewer with a passion for ‘all things cycling’. A former 2:17 marathoner, he now directs his competitive efforts toward racing his bike…and looking for good cycling products.

Comfort Power Transfer
Versatility Overall Value

If you’re like me, you’ve got problems you won’t be able to concentrate until you’ve slotted the Prisma’s into the DMT ‘order of the universe’. They’re at the pinnacle and they retail for $375.00.

The Good
  1. A good combination of well thought out efficiency and Italian ‘flair’.
  2. Upper is constructed of breathable microfiber, with mesh lining inserts for good cooling.
  3. Padded collar has added clearance at the ankle for increased movement.
  4. Uses an anatomically designed heel cup and a soft padded tongue to keep heel slippage to a minimum and forefoot discomfort down.
  5. Toebox is taller to accommodate toes without making shoe wider.
  6. Lever activated mono-filament closure system eliminates ‘hot spots’ from unequal tongue pressure.
  7. Entire mono-filament system is replaceable should it fail.
  8. Extremely stiff sole uses nine layers of carbon to achieve a 40 ton per square inch tensile strength.
The Bad
  1. May be too much cycling shoe for casual cyclists.
  2. Patent leather look may not appeal to some riders.

The Uppers

A lot of tootie-fruities cyclists like a ‘patent leather’ looking shoe which was so popular when tap dancers ruled the world.
DMT Prisma cycling shoes
And the Prismas do a fine job of adding sparkle to the feet. The shiny uppers look like they’re made of plastic, but they’re actually made of a ultralight microfiber material.

This whole ‘microfiber’ business is what most of the top end cycling shoe manufacturers are using in their shoes.

Essentially, they’ve improved on what cows, pigs, and kangaroos have been wearing for quite a while now.

I still can’t find out what the ‘microfiber’ is made of (recycled Earthshoes?), but it really doesn’t matter much.

Suffice it to say that the uppers on the DMT Prisma shoes take advantage of the decades of experience that DMT (they started in the late 1970’s) has in making custom shoes for the monarchs of the pro cycling ranks. The uppers may be shiny, but they’re supple and mucho comfortable.

If it helps any, DMT Prisma shoes are Italian made…and you know what that means.

At least I hope you do, cause I don’t.

As far as width goes, DMT’s are wider than Sidi’s, but not as wide as Northwaves.

And don’t forget to look at the picture above to appreciate the mesh lining that increases air flow to those sweaty dogs you have attached to your ankles.

===>Here’s A Video Review On The Prisma’s Little Brother, The DMT Radial!

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===>DMT Radial Available from Amazon here.<===


DMT Prisma Cycling Shoes Are For:
  1. Cyclists looking for high end shoes for maximum performance.
  2. Riders not afraid to spend a little bit more for their equipment to get a better ride.
  3. Riders willing to look beyond the Sidi line for high performance shoes.

Improving On The Specialized BOA Closure System

I really liked the cable system I had on my Specialized shoes…at least until the tightening dial stripped out and the replacement kit whipped me in an IQ test. The cable system kept a uniform tension on my rapidly rotating feet (never less than Armstrongesque 90 rpm’s), which was very nice.

The fellers (I suspect that Italian shoe makers are seldom called ‘fellers’) at DMT one-upped the BOA system with their own version of the cable system.

They call it the RAM+VTR.

I don’t have to tell you that it stands for Rotary Activated Monofilament – Variable Tension Regulator.

DMT Prisma

Ole Tater Pinetop


Instead of a rotary tightener, they sport a lever-style ratchet. This is reputed to be quicker and easier to reach while riding. I actually had no problem with the ‘quick and easy’ aspect of the BOA system- just the stripped dial.

DMT Prisma Cycling Shoes Have Stiff Carbon Soles

Using the same carbon that Pinarello makes their Prince Carbon and Montello frames from (Toray MR 60), the soles have a tensile strength of 40 tons per square inch.

Essentially, that means that if ole Tater Pinetop gets a pair of DMT Prismas for Christmas, he’ll be unable to ‘flex’ his DMT Prisma soles…in spite of his sizable mass.

And the sole are made of 9 (NINE) layers of carbon. Some are laid at 0 degrees, others at 45 degrees, while the rest are at 90 degrees.

The 0 degrees fibers run the length of the sole and provide overall stiffness.

The 45 degree fibers provides torsional rigidity so that pronation and supination forces don’t allow the sole to ‘twist’.

The 90 degree fibers hold the sole together so that lateral forces meet their kryptonite!

These Prisma Soles Are Thin

Some people call it ‘stack height’, but essentially the concept is to make the distance from the bottom of the foot to the pedal as small as possible. These soles come in at a mere 3.5 mm.

What makes them even more unique is that there’s a version of the DMT Prisma shoes that is made to accommodate Speedplay pedals without having to use the typical Speedplay adapter plate. They’ve made the entire sole to be the adapter plate!

Result…lower stack height (6 mm closer to the pedal than the typical set-up!).

But, you will need to get Speedplay’s Stainless Steel Wear Protector Kit so that the sole doesn’t get damaged from direct contact with the pedal.

If you’re using the ‘Look’ style cleat, the DMT Prisma model you’ll select will be set up like the typical cycling shoe.

All Raves, No Rants

I’ve scoured the world-wide-web for all things related to DMT Prisma cycling shoes, and can find no Rants…and that’s not very common in a virtual world in which so many impotent individuals fine gentlemen feel safe to ‘let-er-rip’ from behind the safety of their keyboard (witness Yours Truly!).

So it’s all raves and no rants for the DMT Prisma cycling shoes…if you have close to $400 for a pair!

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