Carnac Cycling Shoes – From France To You Since 1949

Carnac Pulsar

It’s hard to find any authentic information about Carnac cycling shoes because this French company doesn’t seem to be listed in Google. Even trying to use a French search engine didn’t help.

However, this ‘Carnac cycling shoe sleuth‘ scoured what was available to come up with some information about Carnac bike shoes.

Like it says in the title, Carnac started in the cycling shoe business in 1949 and cycling shoes remain the company’s primary product line. Similar in this way to Sidi, but very dissimilar to Nike and their plethora of non-cycling products, Carnac has kept their eye on the cycling shoe ball.

From what I can gleam, comfort and fit are emphasized at Carnac with the buzzword ‘adaptable’ being a key talking point.

Just as in politics, ‘talking points’ reign supreme.

Truth is secondary.

Ergo Cut+, A Closely Guarded Secret

Back to the issue of adaptability. There is talk of an adjustable width in the Carnac cycling shoes. It’s called the Ergo Cut+ and the details of its attributes are a closely held French secret.

Had I been born in Quebec I may have been able to a break the code of French secrecy, but my Vancouver birthplace gives me no advantage.

Thus you, the reader, are left to fend for yourself. Why don’t you buy the $400 Carnac M7 and let me know what Ergo Cut+ is all about?

More Adaptability In Carnac Cycling Shoes

Another adaptability feature in the Carnac cycling shoe line is a patented sole stiffness variation achieved with the use of ‘sole stiffener bridges’. I’m unsure why less stiffness is desirable, but I guess it must be, or the folks at Carnac wouldn’t have stood in line at the French patent office to preserve their revolutionary idea.

Actually, too much stiffness in the sole can lead to ‘hotspots’ on the sole of the foot.

Before you start feeling sorry for them, don’t forget that the line at the patent office in France isn’t too long. Ever since the demise of the Citroen, innovation in France has plummeted.

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As Lemond Goes…

An historical investigation reveals a close connection between Greg Lemond and Carnac cycling shoes. While Carnac is well represented within the pro ranks, their stock took a real jump when they were associated with Greg Lemond and his accomplishments of old. I hope sales aren’t taking a plunge as he intensely pursues his Lance Armstrong fascination and/or badgering.

The Carnac M7

Carnac cycling shoes

Might as well start with the headliner, the M7. Coming in just short of $400, this baby has a 100% carbon sole and even comes with a replaceable heel pad.

Another attribute of Carnac cycling shoes that is apparent in the M7 is the pseudo high-heel look. See how the heel could use some help reaching the floor if it was a walking shoe? Some riders have noted that they’ve had to change the height of their saddle to accommodate this difference.

The Carnac M7 bike shoe also uses an ergo sole insert which Carnac claims dampens vibration and provides increased foot stabilization inside the shoe.

LATIN LESSON: the word ‘ergo’ is the latin root for ‘work‘. This begs the question, “Why would a French company choose such a detestable word to describe different aspects of their product?”

The Carnac Eclipse


The Carnac Eclipse is described as having an upper composed of microfiber and neoprene. The neoprene sure sounds like a good idea for conforming to the foot, and I guess it isn’t too much of a problem with regard to overheating or it’d never be used.

In keeping with some of the earlier discussion, once again this shoe has the Ergo Cut+ width adjusting feature. It also has the arch support strapping system and the MPS 5 injection rigid sole.

Oh yea, it lists for $269.

The Carnac M3

carnac M3The Carnac M3 lists for $239. Here’s a description of the upper- ‘micromesh, microfiber, and P-skin’.

Lots of high tech wording, except that I suspect the P-skin may refer to Pigskin. Definitely an effective leather, but not in any way high tech. Pigskin footwear was all the rage in the era of Charlemagne.

The insole (which I suspect is the ‘ergo’ insole) dampens road vibration, wicks sweat away from your disgusting foot, and increases foot stability.

The sole is a MPS 5 injection rigid sole. Because there is no ‘carbon’ in the description, it is safe to conclude this isn’t a carbon sole. I suppose this is the biggest difference between this shoe and the M7.

And Finally…the M1


The Carnac M1 lists for $209. It has fewer nice features, not as high of quality components, less engineering, lacks a preponderance of bells and whistles, may not be as comfortable, won’t get a lot of attention at the espresso bar after the ride, and most of all- May be plenty adequate for the majority of riders!.

And while you’re at it, why don’t you go to Bike Nashbar and check out some killer deals on cycling shoes (I just looked and saw 19 models at 50% or more off). I don’t often see Carnac cycling shoes there, but some of the discounting on other quality brands is worth your perusal.

There are a few Carnac cycling shoes listed at Amazon.  Give them a ‘look-see’

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