A Wool Cycling Jersey Gives Purpose To Dumb Merino Sheep!

Wow! You better go get a wool cycling jersey. I’ve just read of the stupid antics of Merino Sheep. It now appears we have an ethical responsibility to rid them of their fleece. If we don’t immediately increase our consumption of the wool cycling jersey, Merino sheep face the abyss of meaninglessness.

wool cycling jerseyWhat you may not know is that there is a giant cosmic pendulum swinging back and forth, back and forth. To one side it swings into the realm of Merino sheep usefulness (such as providing the very best fine wool for cycling clothing). Then it swings over to the side of Merino stupidity, which because this stupidity is so profound, begs for the extinction of the species. A breed so dim-witted it doesn’t deserve to survive, save for the offering of its superb wool…fleece that’s prime material for a high-functioning wool cycling jersey. Back and forth, back and forth the pendulum swings.

A little research reveals sheep that will refuse to cross three inches of water in order to save themselves from a raging flood. Immobilized by stupidity, they wait until the floodgates leave them floating belly up, legs pointing to the heavens.

Then there is a well-authenticated story of an entire shipload of Merino sheep who leapt to their death because they followed a ram who got the urge to go for a swim, leaping overboard.

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Now this is a species that doesn’t fit the pattern of ‘survival of the fittest’. Extinction is eminent, save for the wool cycling jersey.

The Advantages of a Wool Cycling Jersey

Well before the majority of cycling clothing was made of synthetics, most cycling clothing was made of wool. It had its advantages. Wool wicks moisture away from the body, keeping the cyclist warmer. When wool gets wet, it still insulates and it remains resilient. Unfortunately, wool was very itchy. A wool cycling jersey was also more difficult to wash and dry than a synthetic jersey.

Enter the Merino Sheep!
With a much finer wool, ’itchiness’ has been reduced and there has been a resurgence in wool cycling clothing. But why is there a desire to embrace wool cycling jerseys at all, with so many synthetics on the market? The biggest reason is stench. In short, synthetics don’t seem to go more than a ride or two without having to be washed to ’get the stink out’.

Another push toward wool is a nostalgic trend to the roots of the sport of cycling. Yearning for a simpler era, cyclists proudly don wool replicas of a National wool cycling jersey, Eddie Merckx jerseys, or just plain wool bike jerseys. No synthetic billboard jerseys for these folks.

Taken right from the propaganda page of a wool bike jersey manufacturer, here’s a short list of additional benefits.

# Merino wool is soft as feathers. All the ‘prickle’ is gone.
# Non allergenic, even recommended by dermatologists.
# Can absorb up to ten times more moisture than synthetics.
# Wool wicks moisture away from the body.
# Wool is a natural resource, unlike synthetics made from petroleum.
# No Odor– Synthetics reek, even after one use. Merino wool won’t stink even after many wearings.
# Ease of Care- machine wash cold, lay flat to dry. This saves time and money since you aren’t having to ‘de-reek’ your synthetic jersey after each ride.

So there you have it. There is a groundswell of interest in wool cycling jerseys. And not a moment too late as far as the Merino sheep is concerned!

Did you know that there are over 100 listings for ‘wool cycling jersey’ on Amazon?  Amazing!

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