National Cycling Jerseys From Italy To Iraq

Italy cycling jerseyNational cycling jerseys can be found, but because so many riders are riding for teams sponsored by companies, pure national jerseys are harder to find. The national jerseys that I found are a hybrid of commercial and national. What you may find is an Italian jersey with ‘LIQUIGAS’ written across the front of it.

It took a little bit of searching, but I was able to find National cycling jerseys for Mexico , Italy, Spain, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Holland, Canada, and the good ole USA.

If you click on any of the jersey images on this page it’ll take you directly to the Amazon page that sells the jersey. I’ve found Amazon to be an excellent place to get National cycling jerseys (who would have thought?). They have as good of prices as anybody, and better than most… They’re a very trusted merchant, so you don’t have to worry about the security of online purchases, and they ship quickly (and sometimes free).

What To Look For In National Cycling Jersey Construction

Of course all of the normal attributes of a bicycle jersey (link to my ‘general’ page on cycling jerseys) apply to any of these national jerseys. Namely, choice of material, length of zipper, pockets in the back, and a cut which is longer in the back.

I did find some interesting information relating to how all of the loud patterns are put into a cycling jersey so that it doesn’t fade or flake off. It seems that a process called sublimation converts the ink into a vapor when heat is applied to the cycling jersey fabric.

Because the ink is going into the fabric as a vapor rather than a liquid, it is becoming ‘one with the fabric’. Star Wars characters know exactly how that is.

I guess a national cycling jersey that’s been on the receiving end of the much sought after ‘sublimation’ process would feel The Force too.

Parade Of National Cycling Jerseys- Click On Any Image For Ordering Info !


Polish Postal Cycling Jersey

Ireland cycling jersey

French cycling jersey

Irish jersey

Ireland cycling jersey

Norway Norwegian Cycling Jersey

Switzerland Swiss cycling jersey

Spain Spanish Cycling Jersey

Canada cycling jersey

Austria cycling jersey

California Cycling Jersey

Beijing Cycling Jersey

England Cycling Jersey

Russian CCCP Cycling Jersey

Australia Cycling Jersey

Mexico Cycling Jersey

German Deutschland cycling jersey

Poland Team Cycling Jersey

Lion of Flanders Cycling Jersey

Click On Any Image For Ordering Information !

3 Responses to National Cycling Jerseys From Italy To Iraq

  1. Tony Knight says:

    Do you have India’s national cycling jersey.

  2. alida says:

    How about Holland or The Netherlands?

    • Ron Fritzke says:

      Hi Alida, I couldn’t find a jersey for Holland, although I know that the country is a hotbed for cyclists!

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