Choose an Irish Cycling Jersey From These Four!

An Irish cycling jersey is for two groups of cyclists. Those who are Irish and those who wish they were. That’s tried to pass for a joke too many times.

I’ll be so bold as to expand that to three groups- we’ll have to add those who go to Notre Dame. I don‘t know who let that last group crash the party, but all three hope to pedal with the ‘luck of the Irish’.
Irish cycling jersey
That was just about as lame of an introduction as I’ve seen in a long time. I doubt you’re even reading anymore. Only a mother would forge through that paragraph. Hi Mom! Shoot me, kick me, treat me with disrespect.

Drum roll for the Official Irish Cycling Jersey

I don’t know who determines these things but the jersey on the right is dubbed the ‘official Irish cycling jersey’. The jersey is pretty self-explanatory.

This one’s made of a quick drying fabric that wicks moisture away from your disgustingly sweaty body. It has an 18 inch zipper, three elasticized back pockets and an elasticized waist band.

Lately I’ve been amazed at how many items (cycling and otherwise) that are available through the Amazon site. And sure enough…there are a lot of Irish cycling jerseys available from Amazon here.

The Primal Wear Irish Cycling Jersey…And A Bonus!

Ireland cycling jersey
Here’s an interesting twist…the Primal Wear Irish cycling jersey comes with a free pair of Black Flame cycling socks. I like the design of this jersey and it’s made by a Colorado based company that’s been putting out quality cycling apparel since 1992.

The jersey’s made of ‘ProSensor’ fabric which is touted to have a ‘push/pull’ effect. What that does is ‘pull’ moisture from your skin and push it toward the outside, where it evaporates quickly, allowing you to ride more comfortably.

The jersey’s also machine washable…not that it matters much since I’m not aware of too many cycling jerseys that aren’t.

Once again, you can get this jersey from Amazon here. Obviously they’re a very trusted merchant and have about as good of prices as anyone does.

World Jersey’s Ireland Cycling Jersey

Here’s an Ireland cycling jersey that’s so bold as to put a little bit of ORANGE into the green color scheme (a move favored by the entire citizenry of the Netherlands).

What’s the emerald isle to think of such a travesty?
Irish jersey
In a sense it’s amusing to see what each company calls their ‘sweat wicking’ fabric. In this case it’s called ‘Polyester Euro-Mesh’ fabric, and it…wicks moisture away from the body. But in this case there’s an added twist, and I don’t mean free socks.

There’s an antimicrobial finish on this Irish cycling jersey which strikes the fear of god into bacteria. And when bacteria are keeping a low profile, they can’t create as much STINK. So the number one person on the planet who’ll appreciate this jersey is the guy immediately behind you in the paceline.

The 19″ hidden pro zipper keeps the front of the jersey looking smooth, the obligatory three rear pockets allows you took take along too much stuff, and an elasticized waistband keeps you from successfully hiding your spare tire.

Here’s the link to this green and orange jersey on Amazon.

Canari Jumps Into The Irish Mix

Canari’s a well known and respected cycling clothing manufacturer, and sure enough they’re jumped in with their nice looking Ireland bicycle jersey.

This one has a 14″ hidden front zipper, an elastic waistband, elastic cuffs, and a tapered collar to go with raglan sleeves (my wife described them to me, but although I was shaking my head as if I understood…not enough of the knowledge sunk in to describe what a raglan sleeve is to YOU. That’s what Wikipedia’s for!).

Here’s your handy dandy link to the purchase page on Amazon for this handsome leine (Irish word for shirt).

I’ve rarely been subjected to, never mind written, a page as painfully dry as this one.

No wonder those Irish Lads drink so much, spilling brew on their Irish cycling jerseys.

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About the reviewer: Ron Fritzke is a cycling product reviewer with a passion for ‘all things cycling’. A former 2:17 marathoner, he now directs his competitive efforts toward racing his bike…and looking for good cycling products.

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