Custom Cycling Jerseys – We’re All Pros, Aren’t We?

It wasn’t until I started racing that I woke up to just how big the custom cycling jerseys world is. When I first got going in the cycling world I bought a few jerseys off of e-bay.

It was a little weird to me that there were quite a few rather obscure custom jerseys being sold. I bought one that says ‘Olympia Cycle and Ski’ on it, and another that says ‘CRC Association’ on the front and back. At the time I was wondering how these little groups could have their own jerseys.

Then I started racing and joined a local-sized racing team that had everything customized from gloves to socks. And in the races every other wannabe racer was also sporting customization from head to toe.

So…I have concluded that getting a custom jersey made isn’t a task left only to the pro teams.

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It’s All About Sublimation

The custom cycling jersey process is made possible thanks to a process known as sublimation.

Have you seen how the ink on t-shirts sits on top of the fabric? Well, that isn’t sublimation. Sublimation is a process by which the ink is heated into a vapor form which permeates the fabric.

Once the ink returns to a solid state it isn’t sitting on top of the fabric at all, but is instead impregnated (I debated using the term) into the threads.

Now the ink will stretch with the fabric, it won’t readily fade, and it looks very ‘pro’.

Semi Custom Cycling Jerseys

This is a strategy to outfit your racing team where-by the process begins with a template. The club can pick design lines that have already been put together, needing to only pick colors and logos. The advantages are that you have a lower minimum order and the artwork design costs are eliminated. Most of the major custom cycling jersey companies offer this option.

Custom Cycling Jerseys

This involves some original creative thinking. Don’t tackle such a task in the middle of the afternoon when it’s time for a siesta. I tried it but couldn’t remember the name of the college I’d gone to. The results were less than stunning. Most of the custom jersey companies have their own artists who will do art for you or will artistically apply the artwork that your own artist has created.

Our cycling club has used with great results. After my first year of racing our leading sponsor had to bow out when the real estate market plunged (dipped is too tame a word).

Then I spent another $600 to deck myself out from head to toe in a whole new custom cycling jersey and related apparel.

Now, I look like a lime green colored Irishman.

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