Bike Storage Rack – It Don’t Need No Stinkin Wall Space!

What is it about wall space? It’s an endangered species, but a bike storage rack doesn’t care. There are a variety of types of racks, but the free standing bicycle storage rack solves a lot of problems, including a scarcity of wall space or floor space.

If you have unlimited wall space you can install hooks on the wall and hang your bikes from them. If you have a rather low ceiling you can hang bikes from hooks in ceiling joists. If you have neither, you’d probably benefit greatly from one of the types of bike storage racks I’ll be writing about below.

A Couple Of Indoor Bike Storage Racks

bike storage rackDelta makes a variety of bike storage rack models. The Chagall model spans between the floor and the ceiling with a tension-fitted system. While it does need an average ceiling height, nothing has to be screwed into the ceiling.

It holds two bikes and has a couple of extra hooks for your hanging enjoyment.

I like the Delta Cezanne 4 bike storage rack. You can get up to four bikes on the thing, along with all sorts of bike clothing and accessories. It’s like a bicyclist’s Christmas tree!

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You’ve probably discovered that storing your bikes is only the start of your problems. All of the other items take up a boatload of space, too.

On the deltacezanneDelta Cezanne, helmets can be hung from hooks, shoes can be stored on the wire basket shelf, vests and rain-gear can be hung on hangers from the bike storage rack, and it goes on and on…

The Ultimate Apartment Bike Rack?

The Delta Michelangelo suits cyclists who’d prefer to have bikes hanging in their living room, rather than pieces of fine art. ‘Attractive enough to grace the walls of your living room’ is how Delta describes the delta Michelangelo.

Considering that the cost of some of our bikes exceeds the price tag of our entire furniture ensemble, ‘bike art’ makes a lot of sense.
The Minoura Bike Stand is a bicycle storage rack that was a mystery to me until I read a review. It seems that a certain New York apartment-dwelling dude was looking for something that wouldn’t look like a garage accessory.

After all, it was going into his apartment. And the Minoura fit the bill with its ‘nearly elegant’ good looks. That was what had me baffled…why pay $129 for a bicycle storage rack with so few features? Well, that is exactly the objective of the Minoura- to provide a high quality bicycle storage rack with simplicity suitable for a living space, not a cluttered garage.

He did note that the assembly instructions were some of the worst he’d puzzled through. I guess the Japanese to English translation didn’t go too smoothly.

Is The Floor Stand Style The Ticket When You’re Looking For A Bike Storage Rack For The Garage?

Another class of bike storage racks is the simple floor stand model. You know, you’ve seen versions of them at schoolyards. There are a variety of models that are more refined than the indestructible deltafloorbikestandtypes at grammar school. There’s even a portable, take-down model that would work on race day or at a special event.

That’s about all I’ve got for you on the subject of the bike storage rack.

In the spirit of full disclosure I must confess that the seven bikes in my garage could sure benefit from a better system.

Update!  My garage is much tidier with the Delta Cezanne my wife gave me for Christmas.

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