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bike storageBike storage in our garage rises to the top of the heap on the frustration scale. I’ve got the racing road bike, the time trial bike, the carbon fiber mountain bike, a full suspension mountain bike, the knock around mountain bike, the back-up road bike, and my wife’s mountain bike (never ridden).

I just gave away a low-end mountain bike, freeing up substantial space. Not!

Photo album storage is a lot less cumbersome. While we’ve got photo albums and old kid’s schoolwork coming out our ears, they conveniently stack on top of each other and neatly fit into boxes. I’ve got my bikes stacked on top of each other to the ceiling but the darn things won’t fit into any boxes.

Well, that’s the problem with bike storage, isn’t it? Bikes are inherently unwieldy. They’re conveniently two dimensional and suitable for stack-ability until you have to deal with the handlebars and the pedals.

But getting some order into the garage is essential for sound mental health, if for no better reason than to reduce California State’s mental health budget.

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Bike Storage Hanging From The Ceiling Or Wall

Bike storage ‘hangers’ come in a variety of forms. There are big hooks that you screw into either ceiling joists or wall studs. From these bicycle storage hooks you hang your bike by its wheel. This works pretty well as bikestoragehoistlong as you’ve got adequate wall space or low enough ceiling joists. I don’t have a lot of wall space due to all of those photo album storage boxes stacked around the garage.

Because of the very tall ceiling in our garage, we’ve been limited to the use of a clever bicycle storage hoist. This works well except that it only stores one of the previously mentioned seven bikes.

Indoor Vertical Bike Storage Racks

is what I’m calling those stand-alone bike storage racks. I’m really attracted to these; in a strictly platonic way.

Without wall space, deltacezannelimited by a vaulted garage ceiling, and seeking more floor space, I’ve decided that these may be the ticket. Delta makes several models, as does Minoura. An additional benefit is that some of these bike storage racks have extra hooks for items like rain suits, bike vests, helmets, extra wheels….and the lists goes on and on and on.

Some ‘stacker’ style racks have wire basket shelves to store the multitude of other bike paraphernalia in and around the cycling world.

Bike Floor Stands aka Floor Bike Holders

are the bicycle storage racks that keep a bike upright like you’ve seen done at the local schoolyard.

Of course, kids can’t ride their bikes to school anymore because media-driven hysteria necessitates that each child is driven to school and delivered as close to the front door as possible. Saved from the creeps of society only to succumb to obesity and lethargy.

Off the soapbox now – Floor stand bike storage racks are great in the deltafloorbikestandgarage if floor space isn’t too much of a problem. I’d think they’d be a great idea for families with kids because these floor stand bike racks are so convenient.

All you do is roll your wheel into the slot and you’re free to go inside, where hours of video game entertainment awaits.

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  1. Ed Richardson says:

    Does anyone make a hook to hang a bicycle in the overhead that slips over the top of a two by four/two by six ceiling joist? I do not want to permanently mount the hook (screw it in) but would rather slip it over the cdeiling joist and be able to move or remove.

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