Bicycle Wind Trainer: Louder Than A Speeding Locomotive!

bike wind trainer

A bicycle wind trainer is sure to be loud, and it’s not very strong either. So why buy a wind trainer at all?

Well, let’s see… You want to start out your ‘bike trainer experience’ by not spending much money? You like the simplicity? You don’t like the almost certainty that a fluid trainer’ll start leaking?

Bicycle wind trainers are the simplest of the trainers, that’s true. With regard to many products, simple is often the way to go.

And since your bike wind trainer has fewer bells and whistles to break down, there’s less likelihood of being left stranded in your living room with no ability to get from your sofa to the love seat. Just you, your bike, your complicated non-wind trainer, and a boatload of regrets.

Don’t ever forget to bring your cell phone on a ride, even if you don’t think you’ll be going far.

The nightmare of trainer failure isn’t likely to happen with your trusty cycling wind trainer. The simple little beast will probably keep going and going, but should it fail, don’t despair!

You see, most of your neighborhood will probably notice the deafening silence when the bicycle wind trainer stops and will run to your rescue. So in some ways, simplicity has its benefits. And then again…

Read my review of the…

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Where’s The Bicycle Wind Trainer Muscle?

Some indoor cyclists have been prepared to put up with the wind trainer roar. It’s problem number two that may put them over the edge and cause them to return the simple little rascal for a refund.

Problem number two: there isn’t enough resistance with a wind trainer. Rider after rider says something like, “I’m not a very strong rider, but the wind trainer didn’t even have enough muscle to give me a workout.” So where’s the beef? Doesn’t seem to be in the wind trainer.

I’m reminded of Dean Wormer’s comment in Animal House. “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” What he forgot to say was,

“Cheap, loud, and weak is not what you look for in a bicycle wind trainer, son.”


Even John Belushi may have been tempted to read more about cycling trainers in general.

How About A WACKY (But Informative) Bike Trainer Video?

Cycleops Wind Indoor Bike Trainer
Offered at a reasonable price-point, the CycleOps Wind Trainer features a vortex blade design that utilizes wind to create a wide range of progressive resistance that produces very little noise.
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Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer
Kinetic by Kurt has addressed the weaknesses of traditional wind resistance units with the Cyclone Wind Trainer, one that rides well, travels well, and comes in at a great price.

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