Child Bicycle Trailer – Get Those Toddlers Out Of The House!

chile bike trailerWhen I think about towing a child bicycle trailer with one or both of my toddlers behind my bike, I sometimes wonder what kind of fool I was. I was tearing around the countryside with the kids flying along behind. We never had a mishap, but I still need to know the nature of my foolishness.

Yes, it’s important to me to categorize personal Tom-foolery. Reckless fool, ignorant fool, hapless fool- they’re all possibilities. But then again, taking a bit of a risk out on the road may have been worth it. I was getting exercise and my kids were getting turned on to movement, the outdoors, and a fitness mentality.

Better To Have My Toddlers Behind Me In A Bicycle Trailer Or Beside Me On The Couch?

Maybe the real fools were the puss-guts modeling couch sitting and potato chip stuffing.

Today, I see the child bike trailers out on the road and a part of me gets nervous.

But then again, aren’t we now an over-cautious society? Sometimes we’re paralyzed by fear and in our paralysis we create a whole new set of risks. Like sedentary kids.

Off soapbox now.

Why Can’t You Afford Enough
Cycling Gear In This Tough Economy?
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Give Me Some Child Bicycle Trailer Features

Padded seats and harnesses are now common, as are bumpers. However, don’t forget these bumpers may do well against shrubbery and vegetation, but not as well against brick walls and car tires.

The modern child bike trailer often has a lot of storage and even suspension systems. Also, anti-tipping hitches are very common. With this type of hitch, you can mop up the pavement with your precious skin while your little passengers watch unscathed. That’s right, the bike goes horizontal but the bike trailer is unaffected.

Is Burley The King Of The Kids Bicycle Trailer World?

The Burley d’lite is the king of the child bicycle trailer world. Here’s what the humble folks at Burley have to say about the d’lite –‘the most sophisticated child-carrying trailer ever made’. And they’re probably right.

burleydliteAs of 2008, the Burley d’lite trailer has its own suspension and the kids sit in ultra-padded seats with 5-point harnesses. Makes me feel a bit guilty that my kids were thumping around on a nylon seat which practically touched the solid axle.

How about this one? Burley improved the ‘helmet pockets’ so that the little guys won’t get a kinked neck. It took me a few seconds to figure that one out.

Oh, yeah…helmets up against the nylon ‘wall’ behind them would make the kid’s necks bend forward. So helmet pockets allow the kid to keep his neck straight. Makes a dad feel relieved that we didn’t have helmets long ago.

The seat reclines, the windows are tinted with UV protection, there’s an adjustable sun screen, and an all-weather cover with waterproof zippers, and lobster is served once weekly.

Safety wise, there’s a parking brake, reflective piping, one of those safety flags to add more drag, safety lights, and a hitch safety strap. Retails for $469.99

If the price isn’t high enough for you, there’s the opportunity to add the stroller kit, the ski kit, the jogger kit, and the storage cover.

You Can Spend Almost A Grand For A Kids Bicycle Trailer

The Chariot CX2 child bicycle trailer goes for close to $1000 ($924.99) and it gets hard to start including all the features. Itchariotcx2even has lever activated rear drum brakes.

Included are a lot of trick ‘gear features’ like a convertible handlebar bag that doubles as a child’s backpack. The wheels are 20” aluminum with anodized hubs. In short it looks like the Chariot is long on features, having all of the features of the Burley child bicycle trailer and then some. Bells and whistles abound.

Baby Jogger’s In The Child Bicycle Trailer World Too!

Baby Jogger is on the cutting edge of athletic strollers, having started with jogging strollers 20 years ago. Now they’ve entered into the arena of hybrid convertibles. The Baby Jogger Switchback is a babyjoggerswitchbackwell thought out model that converts between bike trailer and stroller without tools or kits.

It also folds down quickly and easily for storage. When it’s used as a jogging stroller, a fixed 16” wheel goes on the front so that the stroller tracks straight. When it’s a child bicycle trailer the front wheel is stored behind the seat in a special pocket. The Baby Jogger Switchback is unique in that you don’t have to buy a conversion kit to switch from jogger to bike trailer.

Man, am I tired trying to get through all of the trailers out there. I’ve given you a minor, inadequate view of what’s available.

Bottom-line, you can’t go wrong with a well thought out brand like Burley, Chariot, or Baby Jogger.

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Surprisingly, Amazon has the most child bike trailers in one place…and at industry low pricing.

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