Burley D’lite Bike Trailer Review- Not Fancy…But Smart?

Burley Dlite Bike Trailer Review

If Burley bike trailers were stacked on top of each other to form a mountain, the Burley D’lite would sit at the summit.

This is the model that pulls out all the stops…but I have to say there’s another tier of bike trailers made by Chariot that have even more bells and whistles (fancier); but cost several hundred dollars more than the D’lite.

Burley describes the ride in the D’lite as “seamless for twins, a bag of local produce, or your three-year-old and her favorite invisible friend.

Well that’s a funny thing to say…making a trailer for a friend who doesn’t take up any space, and weighs as much as a daydream.

Even I’d take a crack at engineering something like that!

About the reviewer: Ron Fritzke is a cycling product reviewer with a passion for ‘all things cycling’. A former 2:17 marathoner, he now directs his competitive efforts toward racing his bike…and looking for good cycling products.

Burley D’lite Bike Trailer Review by Ron Fritzke

Product Quality 05 Bells and Whistles 03
Resell Value 05 Customer Service 05

Child Comfort And Safety In The Burley D’lite

burley elastomer suspension

We’ll start with the perspective of the one riding in the trailer.

The Burley D’lite has a full suspension, just like it’s little brother, the Burley Solo.  We’re not talking about leaf springs and shocks and such; what bike trailers call suspension is essentially an ‘elastomer’ plastic placed at the junction of the trailer axle and the D’lite frame.

Without quibbling about the merits of ‘beefed up shocks’ versus ‘subtle suspension’, be assured that between the elastomer suspension, the flex in the tires, and the hammock configuration of the seating, little Jack and Jill won’t spill their pail of water should the trailer bounce over the potholes the big bad wolf left in the road…in fact their ride won’t be too hard or too soft, it should be ‘just right’ (while mixed metaphors are frowned upon, no one’s addressed the issue of mixed fables).

burley d'lite bike trailer

Front View Demonstrating Helmet Pocket

In case the ride doesn’t agree with a little rider’s stomach, the seat pad and the touted 5 point harness are removable so that the little guy’s spewed lunch can be easily cleaned up.

The Burley D’lite has a reclining seat to help combat the tendency that kids have of slumping forward when a bicycle trailer’s seat’s too vertical.  The helmet pocket (the back of the seat doesn’t go all the way to the ceiling so that the back part of the kid’s helmet has a place to go without forcing the head forward) also helps to allow  the little passenger to ‘lay back and enjoy the ride’.

burley snuggler

Burley Snuggler

A nice addition to the trailer is the Burley Snuggler, which looks so comfortable it makes a guy long for the days when he still couldn’t figure out how that stinky, sticky stuff got in his diaper.

“Hmm, maybe if I put my finger in my mouth, it’ll come to me…”

No matter how you slice the pie, putting two kids in a bike trailer can be a tight fit.  The Burley D’lite has bowed sides to provide just a little bit of extra room.  If you have kid’s with ‘personal space’ issues, this may cut down on the poking and bickering.

As with all Burley trailers, the D’lite has interior pockets to hold necessities like stuffed animals and water bottles.  Behind the passengers there’s enough room to cram more of the junk gear that always seem to be needed when a trip with kids commences.

The windows are tinted and UV protected so you won’t be blamed by your grown children that their frequent excisions at the hands of their dermatologist resulted from those hours spent in a Burley trailer many decades previous.

Burley D’lite Features For The Parents

Burley Solo trailer

Burley Trailer Folded For Storage

  • Storing the Burley D’lite: If your garage’s like most in America, there’s a premium on storage space.  That’s why the folks at Burley created a trailer that folds down quickly to resemble some of the other flat stuff you have in your garage…and haven’t used in years.  Because the 20″ black alloy wheels detach as easily as pushing a button, getting the trailer down to a manageable size isn’t too difficult.  The long tow bar arm out the front of the trailer detaches too.
  • Parking Brakes To Prevent Runaways: A couple of situations come to mind relating to the parking brake.  When your trailer’s in the garage and you don’t want it moving around every time you clumsily run into it, having a parking brake makes a lot of sense.  Another instance of ‘beneficiality’  (spell check didn’t work for that one…no such word) is the ability to secure the bike/trailer complex out on the road when you’ve stopped for a latte with other health-conscious parents who’re introducing their children to the ‘show up at the coffee grinding store in bike shorts’ scene.
  • Wheel-guards For When You Misjudge: See those little ‘arms’ in front of the tires in the top picture?  Those are ‘wheelguards’ and they’re there to look sporty for when you’ve misjudges your ‘footprint’ with a trailer behind you… and don’t like the idea of tearing a wheel off as punishment for your error.
  • Safety Items: Here we go…reflective material on all sides; safety flag included; reflectors on the front, back; and on the wheels; a built in roll cage that doubles as an adjustable handlebar for use as a stroller or jogger; and an assurance that the trailer exceeds ASTM F1975-09 standards.  I included that last technical assurance for no good reason…although it’s true.
  • Extra Trailer Hitch Available: For multiple bikes families it may make sense to get an extra hitch for $20.00 so that hooking up the trailer to either bike is easy-cheesy.
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Money talks and individual opinions walk. So what’s the MONEY have to say about the Burley D’lite?

One common thread I see is that the Burley D’lite trailer holds its value better than the rest of the bike trailer world. People keep reporting that they can’t get a used one for a whole lot less than the price of a new one.

That’s a good thing for buyers looking for ‘value’.

Let me paraphrase one user’s perspective-

“You won’t find another American made trailer with this quality. That’s why the Burley is costly, and why it keeps its value. The other trailers are throwaways when compared to the Burley. If you want to do it up cheap, and safety and construction don’t mean much to you, head over to Costco. Otherwise put your investment in America.”

That just about sums up one of the main selling points for buying a Burley D’lite bike trailer. Burley’s a very solid company (began in 1978), with a well deserved reputation for quality and customer satisfaction.

And the D’lite sits atop their lineup.

Here’s how Burley describes it…We don’t do fancy; we do smart, with our top-of-the-line D’Lite trailer.

The Good
  1. Solid, no nonsense bike trailer made by a rock solid company (around since 1978).
  2. May be two thirds the cost of other ‘Cadillac’ trailers.
  3. Burley’s have very good resale value.
  4. The Burley D’lite bike trailer features an elastomer suspension system.
  5. Has bowed-out side battens for added elbowroom.
  6. Features a five point safety harness, a tough aluminum frame with a full roll cage, a safety flag, and a secondary safety system (in case the trailer unhitches from the primary bike hitch).
  7. The D’lite folds down with ease so that you can more readily store it in your ‘gear-garage’.
  8. Removable seat pad and harness for easy clean-up.
  9. Hammock-style seat that reclines for little passenger comfort.
  10. Tinted UV protection windows combat sun exposure.
The Bad
  1. Stroller Kits  and Jogger Kits cost extra.
  2. Angle of parking brake to tire may be hard on the tire

So what are the Burley D’lite features?

  • Will hold either one or two children.
  • Wheels are made of a 20″ quick release alloy with wheel guards.
  • A ‘helmet pocket’ accommodates the little rider’s helmet clad head so that they can sit upright.
  • UV protected windows.
  • Plenty of cargo storage.
  • A safety flag is included.
  • Includes two five point safety harnesses.
  • Absorbs road shock with hammock-style seats.
  • A ‘bug screen’ covers the front for protection from small flying objects.
  • Comes with a Lady Bug cover, a storage cover, and a safety flag.
  • Has an integrated hitch positioned for superior tracking.
  • An interior storage pocket with a water bottle slot
  • There are plenty of pockets…helmet pockets, interior kid’s pockets, and an adult pocket in the back.

And the Burley D’lite Bike Trailer Specs?

  • Maximum weight carrying capacity of 100 lbs, either one or two children…or even a few bags of groceries, with no children 🙂
  • Weighs 28 pounds.
  • When put away for storage, it folds down to 35″ by 31″ by 12.5″ (W x H x D)
  • Made of a 600D polyester.
  • Frame made of aluminum tubing structured into a robust roll cage.

The Burley D’lite Bike Trailer Is For…

  1. Buyers who aren’t looking for fancy…but are looking for ‘smart’.
  2. Appropriate for avid users or occasional users who like quality equipment.
  3. Cyclists who recognize Burley’s reputation for high-quality, superior design, safety, and trailer strength.

What Others Are Saying

My husband and I just bought bikes and we needed a trailer for our 2 yr. old. All the bike shops recommended Burley…I didn’t like the price tag, but after going home and researching, I can understand why they recommend the D’lite…Better yet, my daughter loved it!
-Lacey- Review edited for brevity {complete review available for reading here…}

It’s a burley. . . that is really all i should have to say. We were thinking of buying a used one but found out about the upgrades to the interior so we investigated the new ones. . .

-jetladuke- Review edited for brevity {complete review available for reading here…}

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Burley D'lite Bike Trailer Review

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  4. James says:

    Definitely have to agree with this trailer holding it’s value. Spent quite some time checking Craig’s list for one of these. Lots of them 5+ years old going for 1/2 the cost of a new one. Finally found a two year old one for about 2/3 the cost and have been very happy with it.

    • Ron Fritzke says:


      Thanks for sharing your experience. Getting a good used product in excellent shape is one of my favorite tactics for buying quality equipment. I’m glad you found a good one.


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