Burley Bike Trailers- Living Up To Their Name?

The Burley bike trailer line started way back in 1978 when a guy named Alan Scholz began making bicycle bags. Like a lot of successful businesses, Burley had a modest beginning. It began with a solitary man in a booth at the weekly Saturday bazaar near Eugene, Oregon. Wanting to pursue a ‘car-free’ lifestyle, the Burley bicycle trailers were birthed from Alan’s efforts to carry his bike bags back and forth from the bazaar.

Using parts from a disassembled swing set (his poor kids!), the first Burley bicycle trailer was created as a consequence of Alan’s desire to go ‘car-free’. And so it all began with Alan hauling his bicycle bags back and forth to the Saturday bazaar in a experimental trailer behind his bicycle.

Burley’s still the most popular bicycle trailer line in the marketplace after 30 years and remains committed to safety, durability, and high quality products. Burley’s level of customer satisfaction is very high, with countless reports on the internet of the organization’s willingness to replace parts or perform repairs through their dealer network.

The Burley bicycle trailer line consists of nine diverse models. There are five different models to pull toddlers behind your bike. There are three different types of trailers to haul cargo, and there’s even a bike trailer chiefly designed for pets who’d choose to take a jaunt without having to be on a tether.

The Burley D’lite Bike Trailer

burley bike trailers reviewThe peak of the child models is taken up by the D’lite model. If you look at enough Burley D’lite bike trailer reviews, you’ll discover that they feature reports of the trailer’s elastomere suspension, the UV protected windows which are manufactured without the use of the toxic phthalate chemical, and the padded seating which is able to accommodate two toddlers. The D’lite trailer also features a quick and easy fold-down time so that it can be stored in the garage without taking up very much space. It can also be converted to a running ‘jogger’ or a ‘stroller’ if the appropriate kits are purchased. A reclining seat keeps the rider in the trailer comfortable, while a 5-point harness keeps them safe and sound.


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The Burley Solo Bike Trailer

burley solo bike trailer
There is a one person variant of the D’lite, called the Burley Solo bicycle trailer. Whilst the D’lite can transport up to 100 pounds, the Solo is limited to 75 lbs. As the Solo weighs 21 pounds as opposed to the D’lite’s 28 pounds, pulling it can be less strenuous. If you’re going uphill, you’ll really notice the difference!

If you’re searching for durability, the Burley Cub is the trailer for you. Built with extra-durability in mind, this is the one that’ll stand up to any ill-treatment handed out to it. The Cub weighs about 6 pounds more than the D’lite does. This model is sturdy, being made with a unbreakable plastic base. It doesn’t have any difficulty thwarting rocks and branches along the path.

Sitting squarely between the D’lite and the basic Bee model is the Burley Encore bike trailer. Like all of the other Burley’s, it features a spacious storage area behind the rider. A helmet pocket is part of the package, and allows the passenger’s helmet to not get in the way when they’re sitting straight up. This pocket is essential so that the rider’s head isn’t forced forward uncomfortably if there was no place for the back part of the helmet to recess into.


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The Burley Bee Bicycle Trailer

Any Burley Bee bike trailer review will label the Bee to be at the lowest rung of the Burley ladder. Of course it has the safety feature that all of the other models include, but it doesn’t have the D’lite’s suspension system or the Cub’s emphasis on durability.
burley bee bike trailer


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Other companies now fabricate quality bike trailers, but because of it’s focus on quality and service, Burley bike trailers remain on top of the stack.


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