Baby Bike Trailer Stroller Review – For 2 Year Old Triathletes

The baby bike trailer stroller is just the ticket for the parent who’s training for the triathlon.
biketrailerstroller2viewsIt’ll also get your two year old started on the road toward undue suffering.

Not that these baby bike trailer stroller units won’t be comfortable, it’s just that the little kid might get hooked on fierce levels of exercise as he/she watches you thoroughly enjoying yourself.

Need to pull your two year old around during your cycling workouts? No problem, these units pull right along with the best of the bicycle trailers.

How about pushing the kid around during runs? They work for that too.

How about bobbing along behind when you’re swimming across the lake?

Won’t work.

We’re waiting for the first ‘bike trailer stroller canoe’ for that one.

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What Should You Look For In A Bike Trailer Stroller?

One decision that needs to be made is whether or not you’ll get a swivel babyjoggerswitchback2viewsfront wheel or a fixed wheel. The swivel front wheel is great if a lot of your running is done in close quarters like grocery store aisles. Great maneuverability but not as straight tracking as the fixed wheel.

A big issue is also the convertibility of from stroller to bicycle trailer.

TheBaby Jogger Switchback

This is the king of converting back and forth.

The front wheel comes off readily and stores in a pocket behind the seat. Everything is included (no extra kits to buy) and the process is accomplished without tools. The Baby Switchback comes with a self-storing tow arm and a front wheel fork that folds back when you aren’t using it.

The Burley D’lite Bike Trailer Excels In Other Features Besides Conversion

The same can’t be said for some of the other brands. The Burley d’lite is a great product, but the conversion to transform it into a true running stroller can be rather involved and the conversion kit (buying the front wheel) costs burleytrailerstrollersmallpic$95.99. The d’lite comes with a little swivel wheel on the front which would be good in grocery aisles.

Portability is also an issue. Once again Baby Jogger Switchback excels.

The patented Quick Fold feature is very quick and easy. The Switchback folds up with a click and a lift.

All of the major brands have a 100 lb weight limit.

Baby Bike Trailer Strollers Have A LOT Of Bells And Whistles

The Switchback has a parking brake and a V-brake system. I take that to mean that this is a brake that can be applied when the unit is being used as a running stroller. Once you get that Switchback up to terminal speed you’ll need some exceptional braking power to rein in the velocity.

The Burley has a parking brake, and the Chariot CX2 has lever activated rear drum brakes.

Some of the bike trailer strollers have a suspension and some don’t. The chariottrailerstrollerChariots are noted for their adjustable suspensions while the Burleys have an elastomer suspension.

This looks like a version of the rubber snubbers you’ll find in the leaf springs of a travel trailer. Of course the Burley elastomer suspension is shaped nicely and much more ‘engineered’ than mere rubber bumpers.

The top brands are diligent about the panels and screens on their units. There is screen, and UV protected panels, waterproofing and 600 denier nylon fabric.

If you’re going to use the stroller for much in the way of jogging you’d be wise to consider the adjust-ability of the handle. You’ll probably find a handle height that works well for you.

These hybrid units seem like a very wise use of money and space. They don’t give up much, if anything, in performance.

And by not having to have both a bike trailer and a running stroller, you’re freeing up some valuable garage storage space.

Look for bike trailer stroller deals at Amazon.

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