Saris Bike Rack – Where’s Thelma?

Naming the rear Saris bike rack‘Thelma’ was a stroke of marketing genius. The trunk mounted Saris Bones RS and Saris Bones 2 have pretty catchy names, but the Saris Thelma takes the cake. Saris even goes on to state that with the Thelma it is ‘Beauty in the eye of the bike holder (beholder)’.

Now, I’m no genius but I can see where they’re going with this one.

I’ve got a great aunt named Thelma. With a name like that, I’ve always suspected that Uncle Russell saw something utilitarian in the ole gal.

He certainly didn’t pick her for the sweet sound of her given name. It must have been her advanced pie making skills.

saris bike rack

And that’s how it is with the Saris Thelma. Her name catches our attention, and her function either does it for us or it doesn’t impress us very much.

Saris Has Impressed Me Beyond Measure

My experience with the Saris Cycling Group has been with my CycleOps Powertaps. The service department has been an absolute model of generosity and patient helpfulness.

I put a lot of miles on the Powertap and when there have been questions about various functions or the need to change bearings, the service people have been superb. I can only assume that the same customer oriented focus exists in the bike rack department.

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Back To The Saris Bike Racks

Let’s get this sorted out. The Thelma is one of nine models in the world of the hitch mounted Saris bike rack.

    * T-Bones
    * Thelma 3-Bike
    * Thelma Juvenile
    * Thelma 2-Bike
    * CycleOn Pro
    * CycleOnzz
    * T-Rax Pro
    * T-Rax Sport
    * T-Rax

The T-Bones rack holds the bike from the top bar, which won’t excite very many riders with carbon framed bikes, but it also converts to a stand when it’s in the garage so that bikes can be stored neatly or even serviced. So it’s part bike rack and part bike stand.


The Thelma’s signature is the way in which it holds the bikes by the wheels. This is unique in the world of hitch bike racks. There are three varieties of the Thelma:

The 3-Bike.

The 2-Bike.

The Juvenile.

The Saris CycleOn Pro received ‘Outside’ magazine’s gear of the year award a few years ago. This hitch mounted Saris bike rack grabs the bike by the wheels, but it lacks a snappy name. Names like ‘pro’ get lost in the shuffle.

The three Saris T-Rax bike racks are pretty traditional in their design (insert into the hitch and hold bikes by the top bar. I will give them credit for an attention catching name.

What About Trunk Mounted Saris Bike Racks?

This family of Saris bike racks consists of seven models

      * Bones RS
      * Bones 3 Pro
      * Bones 2-Bike
      * Guardian, 3-Bike
      * Guardian, 2-Bike
      * Sentinel, 3-Bike
    * Sentinel, 2-Bike

What can be said about the Sentinel and the Guardian? How about economical, utilitarian, boring name, convenient (unlike roof racks), and simple. How about not created by a fashion designer?

What? That’s right, the Bones, the Cycle-On, and the Thelma were all designed by Fabio Pedrini, a designer of freelance fashions for men, women, and children. The byline on Fabio’s bike racks is ‘designed-not just engineered’.

This may explain both the unique lines and the interesting names of the Saris bike rack.

Makes you wonder what kinds of angry looking bike racks we’d see if Michael Ball from Rock Racing and Rock and Republic were to try his hand at designing bike racks.

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