Giro Cycling Helmits: Provide Safety and Improve Spelling!

Giro cycling helmits are the ticket for aerodynamic styling, but they are a second-class cousin to giro cycling helmets. If you’re on this page there’s a good chance that you entered ‘giro cycling helmits‘ into a search engine. Well I’ll humor you, and unlike your English teacher I won’t insist that you spell it correctly.

In fact I’ll do everything I can to provide some helmet information that you’ll find both helpful and entertaining.

First of all, did you know that Giro helmits were bought up by Bell helmets about ten years ago? Isn’t that the way of the corporate world. You think you’re making some well thought-out choices between products and then find out that the choices aren’t what you thought they were. You’re choosing between two of the same thing.


Giro cycling helmits started in 1985 within the garage of Jim Gentes. The claim is that he is the first to create the adult lightweight cycling helmet. He even coerced friends at NASA to help with the shape and racy looking ventilation placement. Business quickly boomed and he expanded into his neighbor’s garage as well. Imagine that, a mighty two-garage corporation!

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In 1989, an American wearing a Giro cycling helmit came from behind in the Tour de France and claimed a victory by eight seconds. I find it amusing that the company won’t mention the name Greg Lemond (I guess he wants too much endorsement money), but he is the only American that won the 1989 Tour de France. There could be no other. From there, the company grew until that fateful day in 1995 when the mighty Bell Helmet Company engulfed them.

Giro cycling helmits come in a variety of classifications.

Mountain Bike Helmits

These helmets are designed for maximal protection from obstacles along the trail. Consequently they offer more coverage behind the head. They also feature a secure fit for all of the bumps and jerks along the rough trail. They are more likely to have built-in visors than the road bike helmets.

Road Bike Helmits

These helmets emphasize light weight, ventilation, and aerodynamic styling so that you won’t be held back while riding in the Tour de France.

Women’s Series

This series of helmet features a variety of colors that a lot of women will find attractive.

Youth Helmits

What can I say? These giro cycling helmits are for youth and come in colors and patterns that kids find appealing.

Sports Helmits

The best description that I could get for these is that they ‘offer versatile protection at a value price’. I think that these must be the cheap, junky ones.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth analysis of cycling helmets check out the bike helmets page.

And then there’s the granddaddy of cycling helmet merchants…Amazon.  Who would of thought?girologo

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