A Giro Bicycle Helmet Helps Hide Ugly Heads!

Giro bicycle helmets are some of the most popular helmets among bicyclists, skiers, snowboarders and motorsports enthusiasts. Protective clothing, shoes and pads only go so far in protecting cyclists during an accident. Optimum protection needs to include a great, high-quality helmet.

Stylish Helmets Have Emerged in Nashville

In the pre-helmet era, head protection was limited to the compressibility of large quantities of hair. Early cyclists who chose such protection looked remarkably like budding rock and roll stars.

Cycling helmets have come a long way since the first light weight adult cycling helmet was created in 1985.

Jim Gentes Leads The Way With The Giro Bicycle Helmet

Bicycle racer Jim Gentes and friends from NASA created what would become the first Giro bicycling helmet. Gentes’ design was more fashionable than previous models; while providing a more streamlined, aerodynamic fit. Extra ventilation provides a much cooler cycling experience while maintaining the toughest safety requirements. Comfort, safety and overall customer satisfaction are qualities bicycle enthusiasts have come to expect from Giro.

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Protect Your Brain With A Giro Bicycle Helmet

Let’s face it. Cycling is relatively safe. That is, until you factor in other people, animals and objects that may get in your way unexpectedly. Protecting your head and brain must be a top priority. After all, without them, your legs, knees and feet may not function properly. Then what kind of cyclist would you be?

Watch out- you may turn out to be one of the many headless cyclists that agitate motorists by not stopping at stop signs, riding four abreast, and (by no fault of their own) enrage fatsos by clothing their lean bodies in spandex.

Bicycle Helmet Statistics

Let’s talk numbers for a minute. No federal law requires bicyclists to use helmets. Several states and localities do require the use of helmets, however, especially for cyclists under the age of 18.

Head injuries are responsible for about 75% of all bike related deaths. 88% of those fatal head injuries could be avoided with the use of a well designed and properly fitting helmet.

Hold the phone. I’ve also read of other studies which refute the 88% figure. Nevertheless, I think having a helmet on beats not having one on. Especially if you’re ugly. In that case you are advised to add a pair of sunglasses.

In order for a helmet to do its job, it must remain on the wearer’s head during a multi-impact accident. If the helmet protects you during the first impact, you bounce, the helmet flies off and you hit again without protection; that helmet failed do its job.

A nice, rounded helmet with a secure fit and adequate ventilation could quite possibly save your life during an accident. Pleasant looking square helmets, have never been tested due to their lack of popularity.
giro helmets

Use A Giro Bicycle Helmet To Look Cool, Be Cool

Some people think it looks cool to ride in a car without a seatbelt or go bicycling without a helmet. More people need to believe that looking safe is synonymous with looking cool. Some helmets on the market today not only protect, they also look great! Giro puts a great deal of planning into the design and appearance of their helmets.

For several years running, Giro bicycling helmets have remained near the top of the list of the most comfortable bicycle helmets available.

Giro bicycling helmets are available in several great colors and styles. Some come with up to 23 vents for maximum air circulation. Heat leads to exhaustion; which leads to a shorter ride. More air vents provide better circulation to help keep hot heads cooler and on the move longer. If your reason for not wearing a helmet is because they don’t “look cool,” take another look. Giro bicycle helmets look awesome!

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