Garage Sales For Killer Bike Deals

garage sale signIt’s my wife Gina who really gets jacked up for Saturday morning…that’s garage sale day. In our community there’s an entire culture centered around the process of transferring the ‘stuff” in the seller’s garage to join the ‘stuff’ in the buyer’s garage.

The same people see each other every week at these garage sales, tipping off each other as to which sales are worth speeding over to (and they do speed) and which sales are overpriced…or only have junk.

But its bigger than all of that…they also inquire as the health and welfare of each other. Its small town community at it’s finest.

When I Go, The Money Flows

Gina likes to take me along with her.  At least that’s how it all started.

But now I’m the big spender; while she’s still buying a lamp shade or a curtain rod for under a buck.  I’m the big spender because I’m a sucker for underused sports equipment.

I bought a propane heater for the tent I never use. I purchased a propane lantern to light up an entire fantasy campsite.  I have a backpack to hang with the other five backpacks on the wall.  A couple weeks ago I bought a one man inflatable pontoon boat for kicking around  the local lakes…I’m going to have to inflate it sometime.  My daughter and I bought some really nice inflatable kayaks that were screaming our name.

And the list of ‘have to buy’s rises to embarrassing heights.

Finding The Burley Solo Treasure!

But the Grandpoopa of Buys took place six days ago.  We found a garage sale that the garage sale journeymen buyers largely knew nothing about.  And to make it all the better, these sellers just wanted to get rid of their high quality things…they weren’t looking to supplement their welfare check by selling junk.

This is where I spotted a nearly unused Burley Solo bike trailer.  Well, I’m a Burley Solo expert…having written a review on the Solo bike trailer which ranks high on the Google search engine.

Burley, Burley, Burley, I knew that I was looking at a gem.  The price tag said $40.  Ever the wily garage sale buyer, I feinted with an innocuous purchase of a beautiful picture for ten dollars…paying full price. Good will was established.  As an afterthought I asked if they’d take $30 for the trailer.

“Sure”, the seller said.  So there you have it, I purchased a nearly new Burley Solo for $30. Gina got a lamp shade for $2.

When I got home I checked Amazon to find out that the Burley Solo is retailing for $530!

Yahoo! I was getting ready to crank up the ebay account to sell the trailer for a couple hundred bucks when I remembered that we’d never gotten anything for our good friends when my wife threw them a baby shower.

‘Yahoo’ turned to ‘Oh No’!

So I bundled up my greed and gave the trailer to Jake, Rachel, and baby Samuel.  It was the right thing to do, it’s what Jesus would do, and hopefully Jake will feel indebted to me for a very long time to come.

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