Even Investment Bankers Will Watch Oprah

Dealbook.com is reporting that investment banker, Mr. Thomas Weisel (I wonder how you pronounce that one?) will be eagerly watching the Oprah show this Thursday.

And this is a man who sold his firm, Montgomery Securities, for $1.2 billion in 1997.  He later sold his firm, Thomas Weisel Partners in 2010 for $300 million.

You know, he’s nothing more than a common billionaire.

Thomas Weisel in 2002

In 2002 Thomas Weisel had a wall full of Lance Armstrong Jerseys…and a messy desk.

What on earth is happening here?

Most billionaires don’t watch Oprah, do they?

Well I guess they do when they may be caught up in threats from the Feds to look into whether or not the US Postal team (which Mr. Weisel largely financed) cheated the public out of money by riding their bikes under false pretenses (all doped up).  It’s called a ‘False Claims Act’.

And let me tell you one thing…if there’s anything our government won’t tolerate, its dishonesty.  I could hardly get that last sentence out!

This article on Dealbook.nytimes.com maintains that Mr. Weisel was the biggest financial banker behind the money that launched Lance Armstrong’s cycling career.  Since he may have known about the shenanigans of the US Postalites, he may have to sell off a private jet or two if he’s subject to the millions of bucks corporate sponsors are seeking from the group he helped to found, Tailwind Sports.

The corporations don’t like the fact that they have been making billions being associated with a team that wasn’t honest with them.

There’s another group demanding scrupulous ethics…corporations!

I can hardly continue…

  1. Billionaires watching Oprah.
  2. Governments demanding honesty.
  3. Corporations insisting on squeaky-clean ethics.

I’m feeling giddy right here at the keyboard.  Hoo Hoo, Ha ha .. I can’t stand it.

peed my pantsOh boy, now I’ve gone and wet myself.  I’ll be right back….

Back again. Where was I?

Anyway, Mr. Weisel was heavily involved in Mr. Armstrong’s career.  According to the article, Mr. Weisel went to the tour every year, rode in the team bus, ate vittles with the chaps, and even rode in the team car.  He was even given permission to yell instructions to Lance from the team car.

Here's how you yell from the car!

Here’s how you yell from the car!

“Ride fast, Lance”

“The fastest guy wins the race”

“Keep trying hard”

“Remember the Gipper”

Oh well, I don’t want to barf up all that I read over there at Dealbook. Go there and read the article yourself, if you want to .

Like a lot of folks, I’m more put off by the bullying and lying that the whole group did than by the fact that they joined in the doping.

It’s never made sense that Lance could single-handedly beat the rest of the world on his bike; riding clean while the other riders were all dirty.

Now it’s becoming apparent that he couldn’t single-handedly deceive the adoring masses without a host of enablers giving him money and a voice to destroy those who questioned his exploits.

So if Mr. Weisel was one of those on the team of enablers, he’ll be anxious to watch Oprah. He’s always been interested in Lance’s performances.  Why miss another one?

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