Danny MacAskill Does San Francisco

I don’t know what it is about Danny MacAskill doing ‘trials riding’, but I’m a sucker for watching him defy the laws of friction (how does he ‘stick’ those landings so well?), rob the law of gravity from smugly punishing those who violate her principles, and seeming to extend the limits of how far a bike will go without peddling it.

In this video, Danny goes to San Francisco and does a bit of hill riding; jumping just about anything that can be jumped.  He then sets his sights on barriers, obstacles, and an assortment of other solid items that shouldn’t be subject to the tread on his tires…but is.

I’ve watched a lot of his videos and its the landings that blow me away.  I wonder if sticking those landings so precisely is a ‘one and done’ effort or if there are some epic fails.  It’s crazy to me that he can size up a gap between props and put just enough energy into the leap to plant the little patch of his rear wheel onto the little patch on the top of an unsuspecting railing, fountain, or statue with such precision.  How do he do dat?

Well what do you know…I found a video of some outtakes.  Plus, it seems that Danny is an introverted, awkward guy.  As a staunch opponent to the bravado style in entertainers and athletes, I find this to be refreshing.  Who would have thought that the famous Danny, doing broken-bone defying tricks would be shy and retiring?  Not me.

But I’m an even bigger fan now.

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