Does Massage and Hydration Flush Out Lactic Acid…No!

I just got back from reading a refreshing site which debunks a lot of pain management mumbo jumbo.  I’m a chiropractor, so I know there’s a lot of foolishness being propagated, both from within my profession as well as from others seeking to address the problem of pain within the human species.

As an aside…can you think of another species (besides clams and sloths) other than homo sapiens which can’t ambulate quicker than a walk for 15 minutes?  I’m thinking of the 99 percent of the population who haven’t run a mile since childhood…and maybe even not then, if they had already joined the ‘my thighs rub together when I run’ club while still a child.

No wonder we have so many aches and pains. Considering the sorry state of fitness the human species is in, we should expect MORE aches and pains than we experience.

Back to the subject of flushing out toxins…

We’ll start with a few words from a massage therapist in North Carolina, Laura Allen, who thinks that you shouldn’t just ‘say stuff’ solely because you’re parroting someone else, who’s parroting someone else, who’s parroting someone else…(I guess she’s never listened to our Vice President, who just ‘says stuff’).

I like the way Paul Ingraham over at searches the scientific literature to validate or invalidate the many claims made by practitioners in the pain management world.

Regarding the flushing out of metabolic wastes (Lactic acid being the one most commonly sited), here’s Paul on the subject, “Metabolic by-products are not just nasty chemicals pooped out by cells that just hang around, stuck in tissue, waiting for your friendly neighbourhood massage therapist to come along and flush them away.”

Here’s What Lactic Acid Looks Like!

I like that, maybe because it speaks of cell poop, which appeals to the adolescent in me.

If you read through his article down to the fifth section, some of your notions of lactic acid and muscle soreness may be challenged…to say nothing about any ideas of massage and hydration being critical in the removal of the lactic acid boogeyman.

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