Spinal Compression Fractures, Bulging Discs, And Reckless Riding

By Limiting My Bike Tricks To A 'Photoshop Format', I Limit My Injuries!

Just found out this week that a rather gnarly mountain bike wreck I had 10 years ago and an epic road bike fall 3 years ago put a lot more hurt on me than I thought.  I knew that I was rocked pretty good, but was in denial regarding the permanent effects.

But after a couple years of constant pain on the left side of my chest and abdomen, I relented and had an MRI done.  Well, there are two compression fractures, 4 or 5 bulging discs and an assortment of other disturbing spinal boo boos.

Which is nothing more than a lead-in to today’s Youtube video. Because, spinal injuries or not…these MacAskill videos have me out on my mountain bike doing a lot of stylish balancing moves, some ‘stand on your face’ descents, as well as trying a few skills that I never had the courage to do previously.

Using some Canadian logic, it makes sense to do crazy bike moves after learning just how badly I’ve been injured by them in the past.  After all, you only live once eternally in pain.

Presenting Danny MacAskill riding from Edinburough to Skye…

Well he’s not riding the whole way.  He’s actually riding in a vintage motor home, stopping along the way to do some trick riding on any obstacle that should never see the bottom of his tires.

I’m a sucker for Scottish music.  I love bagpipe music, even more so because the constant base note drives my wife crazy.  Anyhoo, this trick bike riding with the stirring music makes me want to ride recklessly, roll in the heather, and submit to a few more spinal fractures!

If Braveheart gripped your soul, you’ll like Fearless Danny MacAskill’s “Way Back Home”.

Give it a ‘look-see’!

And if you want to hear my daughter singing ‘Somewhere Over Rainbow‘ (and who doesn’t?), check out the video directly under Danny’s.

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