Eat An Orange To Get Into ‘Fightin Shape’

What are we to think of the pseudo-obese cyclist, smugly sitting atop his saddle, knowing that a few extra pounds aren’t as critical when riding a bike as when running?  All hail the power of the wheel…able to transport those of portly stature with a minimum of effort!

Until the road turns upward and gravity reigns supreme.

When that happens, Lester Lardo starts huffing, puffing, and blowing the tape right off his handlebars.  And his thoughts turn to losing weight…even going so far as to finding himself immersed in ‘pencil neck envy’ (wishing he was as skinny as the puny little feller he used to beat up after school).

Only Citrus After Supper

A few years ago when I was racing in some old man bike races, I was quite concerned about my weight.  Every pound counted, and even though I was burning up a boatload of calories in the training rides, I was eating nearly a canoeload of goodies every evening.

Big Legs...Teeny Weeny Arms, That's The Way We Like It

The weight wasn’t coming off as well as I’d have liked it to.

Until I vowed to eat nothing except Citrus after supper.  Then the weight came off and I almost achieved that Tyrannosaurus-Rex-look favored by bike racers.  You know…very large legs, and teeny weeny arms.

The unbrushed teeth were optional.

In case you’re like most of the civilized world and think I’m full of it, spouting off nonsense to my heart’s delight you’re right

Here’s a segment from the Sunkist site (guess what they’re selling?)- According to Dr. Barbara Rolls, the Guthrie Chair in Nutritional Sciences at Pennsylvania State University and author of the best selling book Volumetrics, “Citrus is excellent for weight loss because it can be eaten in satisfying portions for very few calories. The fruit also provides beneficial vitamins and nutrients, which is important for a weight loss plan because people are at greatest risk of nutrient deficiencies when they are cutting calories.”

Heck, we know that we cyclists don’t care about ‘nutrient deficiencies’…we just want to go uphill faster, so disregard some of the Sunkist quotation above.  Pick and choose to support your preconceived notions; I know I do.

At the page on Thyroid Disease, they maintain that out of the top 20 most consumed fruits and vegetables (that may not be saying much, since Americans are pretty diligent about staying away from such foul foods), oranges and grapefruits rank numero uno and numero dos in fiber.

After Supper, It's Oranges And Grapefruits For Dr. Demento

So you can eat those oranges and grapefruits and your stomach will be mucho grande without being full of a lot of calories.

Just what the cyclist with a ravenous hunger needs late into the evening.

In case you aren’t sold on the idea of an ‘evening feeding’ of grapefruits and oranges, I challenge you to eat two grapefruits and an orange while watching American Idol.  You’ll be plenty satisfied, even if your favorite contestant gets booted…and will only have eaten 262 calories.

And that’ just what Dr. Demento ordered to get those last few pounds off of those useless arms of yours.

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