Indoor Bike Trainer Advantages

Wouldn’t you know it…Saturday is here and the rain is pouring down.  Doesn’t God know this is my day off?  The perfect day for a long outdoor ride?

Or does He favor the farmer who’s been praying for rain for the crops.  Such is the fickle nature of praying for weather.  A cyclist’s request for good riding weather is a farmer’s curse for drought and pestilence.

Fortunately, there’s a solution for both antagonists…and that’s why God created the indoor bike trainer.  Male and female, He created them.

Two by two, indoor bike trainers were carried into the ark when the prayers by the farmers were answered generously, and the surface of the earth was covered with puddles so intense that even bike fenders were rendered insufficient.

When the rains ceased, Noah and Sons Ltd set up their bike trainers (at that point in history they weren’t technically ‘indoor bike trainers’) on the deck of the ark, tapping out a few workouts while waiting for good Saturday morning riding weather to resume.

There Are Other Bike Trainer Advantages

OK, enough of the crazy stuff.  Let’s get honest here…I wasn’t likely to go out for a long outdoor ride today anyway.  I was more likely to get on my trainer while watching the Final Four on CBS.  You know, the one threatening to plunge the state of Kentucky into Civil War.

Kentucky versus Louisville.  Brother against brother, cousin against cousin (that would include just about everyone in the state if taken out to the second and third level), sister against sister…and so on.

In the midst of such bloodshed, ‘Cycling Ron’ will be tapping out a few intervals on his Road Machine.

And that’s advantage number one:  bike trainers are good for watching sporting events on TV.

Serious Advantages…Feel Free To Skip This Part

When it comes time to riding a workout with some purpose other than getting pleasure, the bike trainer provides a platform devoid of distracting factors.  Gone are stoplights turning red at the wrong moment, uphills where there shouldn’t be uphills, downhills where you need a climb, and chasing dogs when you’re trying to recover.

Bike trainers can be perfect for interval training (although the pain at any given level of intensity seems more intense without the distraction of outdoor stimuli…maintaining a heart rate of 155 is pretty painful for me on a trainer, while not that bad outdoors).

On a trainer, when it’s time to go hard for two minutes you have no excuses; no waiting for the light to turn green, no waiting for the downhill to level out.  You just have to punch it.

If you’re working on your pedaling skills (fast, smooth spinning) there’s not a more controlled pedaling environment than your living room on a bike trainer.

Same thing applies to doing slow frequency revolutions (SFR’s).  Just crank up the gearing and grind away.

Bike Trainers And The Vanity Curse

Where I live there aren’t many other riders.  But when I go to the San Francisco bay area everything changes.  There are riders everywhere…and every one of them needs to be ‘schooled’ by yours truly.

When I see a rider ahead of me, they need to be chased down.  When I pass them I have to keep up the effort, since there’s nothing more embarrassing than getting walked down from behind by the guy I just passed (except maybe when I farted energetically during my Grandfather’s eulogy).

And when all of that’s done, there’s another rider up ahead to chase after.  In short, my inflated ego and testosterone-driven competitive nature make for a ride outside the bounds of a logical thought process.

On my bike trainer, there’s no one to beat but myself…and I don’t take too kindly to that possibility.

Check out a more sane explanation of the advantages of indoor riding by watching Graeme Street on this YouTube video…

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