Zen And The Art Of Rear Derailleur Adjusting

Today John, from Performance Bike, teaches us the skill set needed to adjust a rear derailleur. But never wanting to skimp when it comes to my readers, I’ve personally requested that he provide ‘something extra’.

And what he’s done is prefaced his rear derailleur performance with some spiritual counseling. His spiritual admonition is curt, efficient, and perhaps a bit ‘hurried’, but serves as nectar to our harried souls.

Not to steal his thunder or anything, but here it is…‘Take a deep breath, relax…’.


If I had the power to do so, I’d have you stop for a few moments to let that sink in. But I don’t…so I know you’ll hurry on to the video….which isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

Because you’ll find that John wears many hats. Putting on his psychologist’s beanie he tells us halfway through the video to ‘stand up and pat yourself on the back’. You may think I’m a bit lame for pointing out this affirmation, but it sure beats an online  ‘scolding’ for not doing it correctly.

By the way, you’re doing an excellent job of reading this blog entry!

All sarcastic kidding aside…this is a no nonsense presentation of rear derailleur adjusting.  I’ve had times when I couldn’t remember the  ‘order of events’ in the whole rear derailleur adjusting procedure, but this video takes much of the mystique out of the job at hand.

Give it a ‘look-see’!

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