Removing Your Back Wheel Without A Pipe Wrench

Well, of course I know you don’t use a pipe wrench to remove your rear wheel.

What do you think I am…a chiropractor without mechanical skills?

How about a mechanic without chiropractic skills?

Sadly, I’m a chiropractor with mechanical skills…thus I’m more impoverished than either a chiropractor with good sales skills or a mechanic who knows how to give good back rubs.

Enough of the sniveling, let’s party with a little bit of  ‘loosening your rear-end’ instruction by Kevin Livingston, former pro cyclist and founder of Pedal Hard Training.

He rode six times in the Tour de France, for Pete’s sake…so sit up straight and pay attention.

Did you see anything missing?

How about a ‘real’ bike chain…not the surgically-clean beauty in the video? My chain is usually so toxic that the little part about disengaging the cassette from the chain usually doesn’t go so smoothly.

Maybe it’s because I’m leaning back as far away from the greasy beast as I can, thus compromising my manual dexterity.

In case you think you can grab onto the greasy chain with your black cycling gloves…good luck trying to get boogers out during the rest of your ride without leaving ‘chain grease evidence’.

I’ve been riding with skewers since the 1980’s and up until now have oscillated on the issue of the position of the skewer handle. Much of the time I had the skewer facing backward.

I figured that at the blinding speeds I’m attaining on my road bike, I didn’t want the wind resistance from my rear skewer holding me back.

And as for the idea of a rider coming from behind and bumping the skewer handle loose…forgetaboutit!

No one’s fast enough to ever catch up to me in my virtual cycling world and in the real cycling world my casual approach to personal hygiene precludes most cyclists from drafting closely enough to get anywhere near my rear skewer.

So don’t be an idiot…a pipe wrench has serious ‘limited use’ issues around your bike…unless it’s your weapon of choice against chasing farm dogs.

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One Response to Removing Your Back Wheel Without A Pipe Wrench

  1. Livers says:

    And if a rider got so close they were between my wheel and QR skewer .. it /could/ be dangerous!?

    I thought his chain looked normal .. but some of us are OCD about these things 😉