Bicycle Repair Man- A Monty Python Hero!

I was wandering through You Tube looking for important videos on bike repair. The cycling season’s coming up and it’ll be nice to be able to keep the bike rolling without having to take it into the pros every time there’s a little blip on the bike-functioning radar screen.

My plan was to watch a few presentations on hub lubrication, ‘squeaky-sound’ diagnosis, and even a refresher on speedy flat repair.

But what I found was a presentation so full of drama and intrigue that it wasn’t to be ignored. And the fact that it had to do with bike repair made it even more appealing.

To think that the folks at Monty Python thought so highly of ‘bicycle wrench-monkeys’ that they transformed one of them into a super-hero is worthy of a posting of their You Tube video here.

I must confess that I’m unsure of the response to the video, since British humor isn’t for everyone. In fact it may be the precise reason so many countries fought so hard to extricate themselves from the British empire over the course of the last few centuries.

But I looked at the 688 ‘likes’ to 16 ‘dislikes’ You Tube rating and decided that if anywhere near six hundred people liked anything coming out of this blog I’d be shocked.

The whole presentation may be a bit over the top, but if you just remember the Bicycle Repair Man mantra…Clink! Screw! Bend! Inflate! Alter Saddle!, you’ll be OK.

And well on your way toward keeping your bike on the road, even when the tires are sagging (Inflate!), and that annoying squeak (Clink!, Screw!, or Bend!) seeks to suck your ‘riding enjoyment life-force’ dry.

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