Need To Warm-up And Warm-down?

I was reading through an article in about  ‘Breaking the Fitness Laws‘.  The author, Selene Yeager was rightfully questioning some of the long-held beliefs we have about exercise.  You know…the silly ones.

The need to warm-up and warm-down were examined.  Seems that warming up gets some respect, but warming down gets the Rodney Dangerfield treatment.

I’ve kind of suspected that the old idea of having to warm down to remove lactic acid was suspect.  After all, why can’t resting circulation clear out lactic acid?  Why does the circulation have to be turbo-charged?

It’s as though lactic acid is sticky or something like that…and needs a high pressure rinse out, rather than a zen-like flushing.  I’ve seen some guys get so compulsive about flushing out lactic acid after a workout that they flooded their systems with adrenalin.

And that can’t be good for the  muscles either.

The studies DO show that a proper cool down can prevent blood from pooling in the legs (why don’t you just lay on your back with your legs straight up a wall?) and ‘dizziness’.

Dizziness…are you kidding me?

I’ve been to hundreds of races and have yet to overhear a bloke saying,  “Honey, strap the kids in the car, I’ll be right back after a proper warm-down…I’m getting dizzy in the head”.

The purpose of the article was to clear up some silly ideas regarding exercise, but low and behold it interjected a new little nugget of goofy exercise food for me to chew on.

And that makes my head swim.

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