Fighting Cycling Blog Burden

And some of you cycling blog readers think that coming up with something to blog about is easy. Not so…especially when the dreariness of winter’s sucked the ‘cycling blog’ life-force out of a guy.

I’d advise you to do yourself a favor and cease reading at this point, since the subject of this post is ‘not having anything worthwhile to blog about’. And I intend to successfully cover that idea.

You may have read enough blogs to realize that not having anything to write about has never stopped the most successful bloggers from dutifully typing out a new post each day. But they don’t have the same problem I do…

They actually have readers.

But I’m the only guy who reads this sad excuse for a blog.

So while other bloggers type away merrily, knowing that what they write will appeal to some of their readers…I’m burdened with the knowledge of knowing that with each new keystroke, my writing’s driving me headlong into a vortex of mind-numbing mental stasis.

I’m in constant peril of boring myself to such an extent that further blogging becomes impossible. And so the downward spiral goes.

I know that when I read this, I’ll be getting real sleepy at this point…so I’m going to change the subject and reluctantly divert my attention away from myself.

It was refreshing to read on One Gear, One Mind, that two of the blogger’s last three posts are confessions that he hasn’t been faithful to writing regular posts on his blog. He too struggles with ‘Cycling Blog Burden’.

But what’re we to think about those bloggers who never have a problem with finding something to write about each and every day, each andeveryday, eachandeveryday… What about them?

They may be the same people who never shut up in the check-out line at the grocery store. Blab, blab, blab!

‘But hold it a minute, I know a lot of bloggers who post on their blogs religiously and they’re very quiet, withdrawn people’, I hear you thinking.

What you don’t know is that these are the silent shoppers who’re secretly envious of all the blabber-mouths in the world, but don’t have the social courage to bore the rest of us to tears (at least not verbally). Instead, they’re closet blabbers (aka bloggers).

Ironically, these timid souls may have followers numbering in the tens of thousands who read their ramblings every day. It’s as if the checkout line they’re standing in is 12,500 people long…stretching around the parking lot thirteen and a half times.

I guess they’re having the last laugh!

And that’s about it for now…I’ve successfully written and read enough of my own blog to keep from having to take an Ambien tonight.

Goodnight, Ron.

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